EGYPT (Part 6)

16 MARCH 2020

Diving the SS Thistlegorm … twice!

We have overnight at the site of the SS Thistlegorm wreck, because the divers will have the opportunity to dive this wreck twice today.

When I’ve looked through our bathroom’s porthole during the early morning, the sea was calm … happy days!

Egypt VI (1)

The Red Sea as seen through a porthole of the M/Y Blue Adventurer

The divers will dive the SS Thistlegorm twice during the morning and then we will sail towards Ras Mohammed National Park for another reef dive.

SS Thistlegorm wreck – Dive 6:

It was still early morning on the first dive of the day and this time Berto was one of the first divers to be in the water – in the hope to avoid the backscatter of yesterday’s dive.

Unfortunately, the light was not particularly great for underwater photo’s, but Berto was nonetheless excited to see more of this wreck.

Graphic illustration of SS Thistlegorm:


Here’s a couple of photo’s of the SS Thistlegorm taken on Berto’s second dive of this wreck:

Egypt VI (3)

This motorbike’s been under water for nearly 75 years

Egypt VI (4)

A motorbike on a military truck

Part of a military truck and more motorbikes

Egypt VI (7)

Tyres and more trucks

Berto’s dive log:

SS Thistlegorm Wreck (2) 16-03-2020 Dive 1

After a big breakfast and some rest, the divers geared up for their third (and last) dive on the SS Thistlegorm.

SS Thistlegorm wreck – Dive 7:

This time the light was better for underwater photo’s, but Berto said he would like to spent more time just swimming around the wreck and enjoying the moment. He therefore only took a few photo’s.

Egypt VI (9)

Part of a locomotive

Egypt VI (10)

The stern anti-aircraft gun on the SS Thistlegorm

Egypt VI (11)

Another military truck – stuck 26m under the Red Sea

Berto’s dive log:

SS Thistlegorm Wreck (3) 16-03-2020 Dive 2

This dive was an absolute highlight in Berto’s diving career of more than 20 years! For him, this trip was now totally worth it … but I will say that after seeing the ancient pyramids 😊.

The M/Y Blue Adventurer lift its anchor after this dive and we’ve start sailing towards Ras Mohammed National Park.

You can clearly see where the reefs are at the Red Sea

I’ve enjoyed the trip towards Ras Mohammed National Park – there were so many other yachts on the water enjoying the perfect sunny day out on the Red Sea.

Egypt VI (14)

It was a lovely day out on the Red Sea

Egypt VI (15)

Many yachts were visible on our way to Ras Mohammed National Park

Egypt VI (16)

A yacht’s passengers were relaxing on a small island on the Red Sea

Egypt VI (17)

This boat was on a day trip with tourists onboard

We’ve arrived at Ras Mohammed National Park after lunch where the divers will have the opportunity to dive another reef.

Graphic illustration of Ras Mohammed National Park:

Ras mohamed

The Ras Mohammed National Park is at the southern extreme of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east. The park was established in 1983 and is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. The coral reef ecosystems are a key element of the region’s economy.

The first reef the divers will explore at the Ras Mohammed National Park, is the Shark & Yolanda Reef.

Shark & Yolanda Reef – Dive 8:

The Shark & Yolanda Reef consists of two pinnacles rising up from a depth of 800m, with the second pinnacle (Yolanda) being named after a freighter that hit the reef in 1980

Graphic illustration of the Shark & Yolanda Reef:

Shark & Yolande

Egypt VI (22)

The divers getting ready to dive their first reef of the day

Berto decided to leave his camera on the boat and just enjoy the reef dive – tomorrow is another day to take pictures under water …

While the divers were in the water, the captain of our yacht took a “scenic drive” around the cliffs at the National Park. Fiona (one of the divers from the UK) took a break from all the diving and the two of us had ample opportunity to take photo’s of the beautiful land formations. 

Ras Mohammed National Park

Egypt VI (25)

The sea was remarkably calm

Egypt VI (26)

A viewpoint at the National Park – we could almost touch the rocks

Once the divers finished their dive, they’ve made use of a rope attached to the yacht, to reel themselves back in.

Egypt VI (28)

Divers using a rope to get back to the M/Y Blue Adventurer

Berto and his dive buddy Sebastian from Germany however, were a bit further away and the little tender picked them up and brought them back to the yacht.

Egypt VI (27)

Berto and Sebastian got a “lift” with the tender back to the yacht

Berto’s dive log:

Shark & Yolanda Reef, Ras Mohamed 16-03-2020

It was the best day thus far on the Red Sea – the divers had the opportunity to explore the famous SS Thistlegorm wreck twice and I’ve had a really sunny and pleasant day on the yacht.

Egypt VI (30)

Evening sets in at Ras Mohammed National Park

After dinner, we’ve spent the rest of the evening on the deck of the yacht, watching another spectacular sunset.

Egpyt VI (31)

What a sunset!

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