EGYPT (Part 5)

15 MARCH 2020

Eventually … diving the SS Thistlegorm!

We did not move from the dive spot of yesterday and it was an early rise for the first dive of the day!

Today, the divers will have the opportunity to dive three wrecks: The Giannis D and Chrisoula K are both at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, while the SS Thistlegorm is located a bit further – the wreck that Berto was particularly looking forward to dive.

Giannis D wreck – Dive 3:

This ship was an errant swimming the flag of Greece bulk carrier, which ran on 19 April 1983 at the Red Sea, at Abu Nuhas off the coast of Egypt, stumbled on the reef and sank.

Graphic illustration of Giannis D:

Ghiannes D

Egypt V (1)

The divers are ready for their first wreck dive

One of the crew members were taking the divers with a tender closer to the Giannis D wreck to dive

While the divers were busy exploring the Giannis D, our yacht moved around the reef in order for the divers to get directly onto the yacht when they’ve finished with their dive.

Berto’s dive log:

Giannis D Wreck 15-03-2020

Berto said that the visibility was good and that he was looking forward to have his dive camera with him on the next dive.

We’ve enjoyed a hearty breakfast prepared by our chef, Mohammed and his team, after which we’ve relaxed on the deck. We are now getting closer to the Suez Canal and we could witness the big cargo vessels sailing in the distance.

Big cargo vessels were sailing on route to their destinations

It was a really nice day out on the Red Sea – there was just a light wind and we’ve taken the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day on the deck.

Egypt V (8)

Berto relaxing on the deck of the M/Y Blue Adventurer

Egypt V (9)

We’ve all taken advantage of the sunny day

The sea was really calm and the conditions were just perfect for the next wreck dive – Berto was ready to take his camera with him on this dive!

Egypt V (10)

The Red Sea was calm and diving conditions were great

Chrisoula K wreck – Dive 4:

The Chrisoula K was a Greek fighter that sunk during its final journey to the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, on the 30th of August 1981. Its cargo consisted of Italian floor tiles.

Graphic illustration of Chrisoula K:

Chrisoula K

Here are some of the photo’s that Berto took on his dive.

Egypt V (13)

The Chrisoula K is covered in an assortment of hard corals

Egypt V (14)

The large propeller and rudder are still virtually undamaged at the maximum depth for this dive at 26 meters

Egypt V (15)

Visibility was great on this dive

The Italian tiles carried by the Chrisoula K is clearly visible

Egypt V (18)

A close-up of the tiles

Egypt V (19)

Beautiful coral and small fish

Diving inside the Chrisoula K

Egypt V (20)

The mast of the Chrisoula K is covered in coral

Egypt V (23)

Coral on the tiles as well

Berto really enjoyed this dive. He said it was as if he was walking through a tile shop (just under water)!

Berto’s dive log:

Chrisoula K Wreck 15-03-2020

After this dive, the M/Y Blue Adventurer lift its anchor and sailed to the next wreck, the SS Thistlegorm. We had lunch on the way and the divers were getting ready to dive as soon as we’ve arrived at the dive spot of this famous wreck.

SS Thistlegorm wreck – Dive 5:

The SS Thistlegorm was a British armed Merchant Navy ship built in 1940 by Joseph Thompson & Son in England. She was sunk during World War II after a German air attack on 6 October 1941 on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula and 40km from Sharm El Sheikh. It is the best known and most popular wreck dive in the Red Sea.

There are locomotives, tanks, army trucks, jeeps and motorbikes – to just name a few. They say it is like diving within a piece of history!

Graphic illustration of SS Thistlegorm:


Egypt V (24)

Time to dive the SS Thistlegorm

Berto was in the last group to get into the water … which meant by the time he got to the wreck, he was almost right at the back. It was extremely difficult to take photo’s with all the backscatter caused by the front divers … but here are a few photo’s that he managed to take.

Egypt V (25)

The SS Thistlegorm – under water for nearly 79 years

The winch is covered in coral with colorful fish swimming around this piece of history

Egypt V (28)

A motorbike found a forever place in the Red Sea

Egypt V (29)

This truck is going nowhere!

Egypt V (30)

Divers exploring the SS Thistlegorm

Although conditions were not great with all that backscatter, Berto was absolutely taken aback by this wreck – he talked about it all night long!

Berto’s dive log:

SS Thistlegorm Wreck (1) 15-03-2020

The good news … tomorrow they will dive this wreck again, not just once, but twice! And hopefully, Berto will be able to take more photo’s.

We’ve ended the day with another great sunset on the deck of the M/Y Blue Adventurer.

Another stunning sunset at the Red Sea

Egypt V (33)

This was a day for a diver to remember!

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5 thoughts on “EGYPT (Part 5)

  1. I have never been to Egypt but looking forward to traveling the world and making Egypt one of my stops. Thank you for sharing your experiences. God bless you abundantly.

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    1. Absolutely … as I’ve mentioned, this was a dive site that Berto was dreaming of for many years and he was very fortunate to be able to dive the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm three times before Covid halted our little adventure.

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