MARCH 2019


One of our last trips on Paragon was during mid-March over a weekend. Winter was approaching and it was also starting to get colder.

We left late on the Friday afternoon and sailed to a nearby island which is just around the corner from Auckland’s harbour. Although Werner checked the weather forecast and conditions looked good, there were a few clouds in the sky that might indicate rain.


Clouds in the sky

Berto and Werner decided one cannot sail on a yacht without having a bottle of rum at hand … you know, like real sailors. So we bought a bottle of El Dorado Rum before we left to enjoy during the cold evenings.

Real sailors drink real rum

Pearl also arrived prepared. She had already made a big bowl of butter chicken and rice at their house earlier in the day and could only reheat it on the yacht.

Butter chicken and rice on the yacht – yummy!

We watched the sun set while enjoying dinner on the deck of Paragon. The weather is now much colder than earlier in the month and there was a definite winter feeling in the air.


Sunset in the little bay

The next morning there was a light drizzle when we got up. And as we started sailing out to Waiheke Island, the wind started to pick up.

Near Waiheke Island, one of the sails came loose from the mast and for a moment the yacht moved to the side just a little more than usual … and that’s when I got seasick! Maybe I should drink more of that rum to become a real sailor.


Not really stormy weather, but it was cold and wet at Waiheke Island

In the bay of Waiheke Island we moved quickly to the beach (it was great to get my feet on dry land again)! It was raining quite hard now and we had to run for shelter!


Berto and Werner watch the rain clouds move over Waiheke Island


The bay of Waiheke Island

Although it was raining on Waiheke Island, there were still many tourists visiting the restaurants.


Even on rainy days, tourists cannot stay away from Waiheke Island

We weren’t really dressed for the cold weather (or a visit to a restaurant). Our rain jackets were soaking wet and we were dressed in shorts and sneakers. Luckily we finally found a restaurant with a few chairs under a small roof where we could sit. I think the restaurant owner felt a bit sorry for us and later invited us to sit inside.

After a hot meal and a few beers, we went back to spend the night on the yacht.


Rain clouds give way to the rising sun

The Sunday turned out to be a sunny day. There was a light wind which gave Werner the opportunity to raise the sails of Paragon so that we could sail without starting the engine.


Leaving Waiheke Island in bright sunshine


We hold on with Paragon’s sails hoisted

And then – out of nowhere – Paragon hit a rock … with a BANG! Fortunately, Werner is a good skipper and with great skill he carefully moved the yacht back and we were able to sail on to Auckland Harbour.

We arrived safely in the harbour. What an eventful weekend at sea!

The following weekend we returned to Paragon so Berto could inspect the yacht underwater with his scuba gear to see if there was any damage. Fortunately, everything seemed fine.


Ready for a quick underwater inspection on the yacht

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fully licensed sailor now, but I’m glad I got to experience these trips on the yacht. It was great to see all the small islands from a different angle than I’m used to when driving along the coast in a car.

However, I don’t think we will be buying a yacht anytime soon. 😅


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