APRIL 2019


Shakespear Regional Park was about 30 minutes’ walk from our house and on a sunny day in April, we decided to revisit this park (within the first week of our arrival in New Zealand, our friends took us to the lookout point to watch the beautiful sunrise).

It is located at the tip of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and is named after the Shakespear family who bought the land in the 1880’s from local Maori.

On the pathways in the Shakespear Regional Park

Leisurely strolling through the Park

There are several walking trails to discover. We decided on the Heritage Trail that passes through native forest and farmlands to eventually reach the lookout point.


The roots of trees are becoming part of the pathways

Once you’re out of the forest, the open farmland becomes the trail to the top of the lookout point. There were several people walking around while enjoying nature.


Open farmland is part of the Heritage Trail


We first had to walk up this hill before we could enjoy the views

At the top of the hill, we looked back to the forest. It was a beautiful day and we could see the forest from where we just came from with the ocean in the background.


At the top of the hill after walking through the farmland


The different trails are indicated at the lookout point

It was a great day on the trail in Shakespear Regional Park – we were very privileged to have this park on our doorstep.


A beautiful view


Amazing views of the ocean at the lookout point


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