The last day on the Tankwa Camino … only 15km to Ceres, our final destination.

And what an amazing 10 days we had on this Camino! We’ve walked through one of the driest areas in South Africa – days followed one another in an endless procession of nothingness … but with such a unique beauty to it.

The camp got busy early in the morning … everybody needs to be in Ceres before 12:00. The hikers that left their vehicles in Calvinia (the starting point), will still have to be transported back today … we are now very happy that our vehicle is in Ceres 😁.

1:09 - 1(DP)

Early morning at our camp site – hikers busy getting their last stuff together to walk the last 15km to Ceres

(Credit: Diana Pieterse)

1:09 - 2(DP)

What would we have done without these men on the Tankwa Camino? Here they are busy transporting the luggage of the hikers one last time to the Tankwa Camino lorries

(Credit: Diana Pieterse)

It was another overcast morning on our last stage. We did not expect any rain, but it was quite cold and our jackets and buffs were the most appropriate attire to wear.

1:09 - 3(C)

Berto and Judy on a brisk walk to generate some heat into their bodies during the start of our last day

As we’ve walked on the long and straight road, I’ve turned back and saw the mountains we had to overcome yesterday … one would think you will not be able to do these things and when you look back after a while, you realise how much is possible when you put your mind to it.

1:09 - 4(C)

A look back to where we’ve came from yesterday … one could also see the long line of hikers on their way to Ceres

We could now enjoy the different colors of green around us … it was beautiful, but I’ve missed the dry and barren Tankwa Karoo that we’ve seen the last 8 days … never thought that I would say this!

1:09 - 5(B)

A foggy morning with different colors of green everywhere

I must admit, we stood still for a moment when we’ve walked pass a dam filled with rain water … we had no other choice as to be thankful for a simple thing such as water.

1:09 - 6(C)

What a beautiful view!

1:09 - 7(B)

It was such a wonderful moment to stand next to these dams full of water

Close to Ceres, we could see the green fields of the farmers. We were thinking back to the farmers in the dry Tankwa Karoo and how they have managed over the years to make a living without much rain to their disposal.

1:09 - 8(B)

Green fields of the farmers nearby Ceres

Once we’ve reached the outside suburb of Ceres, it was still another 2km to the center of town where we will end our journey.

Ceres is a beautiful town and is one of South Africa’s top producers of deciduous fruit. Export quality fresh and dried fruit, fruit juices and natural spring water is produced here … and they are also famous for their snow in Winter!

1:09 - 9(B)

We are now entering Ceres, with another 2km of walking where we will end

Although Ceres is the largest town of the Witzenberg Local Municipality in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, it was a quiet morning when we’ve walked into town … probably because it was a Sunday and most people were indoors because of the cold.

1:09 - 10(B)

Our final destination after 10 days on the Tankwa Camino

Every now and then, we would see some posters on the trees along the main road where we were walking, with motivational quotes such as “keep walking”, “well done” and “you’ve done it” … we’ve later realised it was especially for us hikers and we’ve felt proud to be part of this Tankwa Camino team.

Our final destination was at the Ceres Togryers Museum (Ceres Transport Riders Museum). This museum represents the cultural and historical heritage of Ceres – a beautiful place to visit (when you don’t have tired feet!)

1:09 - 11(D)

The end … Ceres Togryers Museum (Ceres Transport Riders Museum)

(Credit: Diana Pieterse)

As we’ve walked around the last corner, we saw the banner next to the Museum that welcomed us, the Tankwa Camino hikers.

There was also a team from Ceres that were handing out lovely bookmarks and their delicious Ceres apples.

Tankwa Camino bookmark - 16

Our Tankwa Camino bookmark: “Ceres’ly awesome” … what a nice touch

1:09 - 12(C)

We are now officially Tankwa Camino hikers!

(Credit: Diana Pieterse)

Inside the Museum, is a nice area where all the hikers got together for one final time where we’ve had a light lunch … the best hotdog rolls I’ve ever tasted! The sausages (or “boerewors” as we know it), was again prepared over the fire – the way we’ve enjoyed our food the last 10 days!

We say thank you a thousand times to Rhina, Danie, Johan, Diana, Ds Edward, Ouma Lisa and her daughter Truia, all the men on the supporting team that has worked so hard, as well as those behind the scenes (like Louwna who was our first contact when we’ve enquired about the Tankwa Camino) … you have managed to put the Tankwa Camino firmly on anyone’s bucket list!

Tankwa Camino batch - 15

A memorabilia which you can add to your backpack 👍

Our Tankwa Camino Passports

I’ve felt honored to have been part of this Tankwa Camino. We’ve met amazing people, each with their own reasons as to why they’ve walked the Tankwa Camino … and I’ve also had the unexpectedly opportunity of spending fun times with Zeva, our four-legged friend.

Yes, we had great times on the road during the day and wonderful fellowship around the fire in the evenings!

We will cherish these past 10 days forever in our hearts!


6 thoughts on “TANKWA CAMINO – Day 10 (Final day!)

  1. What a brilliant read and many congratulations to both of you on completing what looks like a thoroughly enjoyable Camino but you realise you have a problem now. You must go and walk another Camino somewhere to give me something more to read about!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 💌 … although I’ve suffered from multiple blisters, I still think back to these 10 days as an amazing experience where I’ve learned so much from a tight-knit team, my fellow hikers and the lovely Zeva.

      Liked by 1 person

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