MARCH 2019


We were very fortunate to find a place to rent just around the corner from our friends’ house. The only problem was to try and pronounce our street address correctly, not even talking of writing it down … Whangaparaoa … that’s going to take some practice 😄.

Huis 1

The house right at the back is where our one-bedroom flat is situated in which we will stay for the next couple of months

Our one-bedroom flat is on the ground level of a family’s house. Fortunately for us, it was furnished. We only had to buy bedding and a couple of kitchen utensils … but we quickly realised it was quite expensive to buy stuff in New Zealand! We still had to convert our South African currency (South African Rand) to the New Zealand Dollar – and that was to multiply everything with 10!!

The flat did not come with much furniture, but we were happy to have a bed and couch … and a kitchen with a fridge and stove

Huis 6

There was a great view over Gulf Harbour

Huis 5

Happy to have a couple of chairs outside (but not so much about the gas grill) 🤪

Back in South Africa, we have made a fire at least twice a week to prepare our meat over the coals (in South Africa, we call this “braai”) … we were not so sure that the gas grill could replace a fire …

Huis 7

Yeah nah … (New Zealand slang for yes/no) … this gas grill is not going to do it for us …

We took the first opportunity to visit a shop to buy a replacement for the gas grill … and were very happy to find a fire pit, as well as bags of South African coals (yes, we were just as surprised!!)

Now we were in business to get a fire started!!

Although it was not a proper South African fire, it was much better than a gas grill …

We decided not to buy a car for the time we’re going to be in New Zealand, but rather make use of public transport (which is, by the way, great in New Zealand). And we were quite happy to find a bus stop literally 5 minutes from our flat. We bought AT HOP cards for the two of us at a local store on which we have loaded some money to make use of the bus – this way, travelling was easy in New Zealand.

There was a beautiful beach walking distance from our flat and we spent many days going for a stroll and ending up at this beach.

Huis 12

This beach was close to our flat and we spent many days here while it was still late summer

Happiness was to have found a flat on the outskirts of Auckland and even more so that it was so close to our new friends.


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