We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

September 2016 – Betty’s Bay (Western Cape Province, South Africa)

There is no shortage of breathtaking sea views in and around Cape Town. On a beautiful spring day in 2016, we decided to get in the car and drive to Betty’s Bay.

You will probably remember Betty’s Bay from our very first #TB Thursday post when we hiked in the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden (read here).

Betty’s Bay is a small holiday town on the Overberg Coast of South Africa in the Western Cape Province. It is located 100km (62 miles) from Cape Town.

Our first visit was to one of the lakes in Betty’s Bay (they have three lakes, but I can’t remember which one we stopped at). We followed the promenade by the lake where we found a nice picnic spot to enjoy our snacks.

A lake in Betty’s Bay

After our picnic we went to Stony Point Nature Reserve. The Stony Point land-based penguin colony, operated by CapeNature, is the third largest breeding colony of African penguins in the world.

African Penguins

There is a great boardwalk that one can follow to observe the penguins in their natural habitat, all while enjoying spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Kogelberg Mountains.

Views from Stony Point

More views over the ocean

Driving back to Cape Town, we followed the scenic Clarence Drive along the coast, past Rooi Els and Pringle Bay. There are a few lookout points where you can stop to enjoy the views.

Clarence Drive stretches 21km between two towns and hugs the turquoise Cape coastline

If you are lucky enough to visit Cape Town, don’t forget to take this scenic drive to Betty’s Bay … with the added bonus of spotting African penguins.


45 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #15

    1. Thanks Tricia. I’m a sucker for a boardwalk 😉, and it was such a beautiful spring day to be out and about. Penguins are cute … it’s funny how clumsy they appear on land, but once they’re in the water, it’s a different story.

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  1. Sommer lekker vars herinneringe wat jy nou by my wakker maak, Corna, na ons mos Desember met Clarence Drive van Tafelberg Nasionale Park af na Stony Point en van daar verder na die Agulhas vlakte gery het. Beeldskone natuurtonele wat mens se asem weg slaan!

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    1. Dit is wonderlik hoe ons ou herinneringe vir julle nuwe herinneringe is, is dit nie? Ek onthou julle vakansie in Desember (en het nogal aan julle gedink toe ek hierdie foto’s bymekaar gesit het 🙂). En jy’s reg, die natuurtonele is asemrowend … ‘n mens kan jouself net nooit genoeg hieraan verwonder nie!

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    1. It’s great to see wild animals in their natural habitat, isn’t it? Oh yes, the doctor wrote “great improvement” on Berto’s report on Friday 🌟. He only has to go back in three months for another check-up, but for now the doctor is pretty satisfied. And we will be celebrating the good news this weekend … watch this space 🙂.


  2. Warm weather and sandy beaches don’t exactly conjure up images of penguins unless you are visiting Simon’s Town in South Africa. A while ago, I watched a documentary about penguins on Boulders Beach in South Africa and it was one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a long time – they have a level of cuteness you simply cannot handle! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Yeah, I suppose it’s a bit unexpected to associate penguins with sunshine, huh 🙂. But you have to remember, after all, they are African penguins … so, I assume they are used to this glorious sunshine (at least the water is VERY cold). Boulders Beach is a lovely place – we’ve been there a few times – and you’re right, it’s cuteness in overload. Enjoy the coming weekend 🌸.

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    1. I bet you guys can’t wait for summer! It’s still very hot here … I think winter won’t start until 3 months from now (and then it won’t be nearly as cold as it is over there by you guys) 😉. I’m not complaining!

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    1. Oh yes, that’s a good combination … especially on a nice sunny day like we had here! I can tell you this Marion: I can’t wait for this weekend (our suitcase is already packed). To celebrate Berto’s good health results he got from the doctor last week, we decided to spoil ourselves and booked two nights at a lovely hotel where we’re just going to relax! I’ll tell you more soon!

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      1. Oh that’s wonderful news about Berto, I’m so relieved. I know you are big fans of camping but spending two nights being pampered in a lovely hotel will do you both the world of good. Enjoy! Can’t wait to read about all about it on the blog later. M.

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      2. Between you and me … I’m glad our camping stuff is at our permanent home, otherwise it might have been hard to convince Berto that a hotel is a better option than camping for this celebration 😉.

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    1. Absolutely, we are VERY happy about the positive results. There are still some uncertainties (such as why it happened), but for now the doctor is satisfied. And you’re right, in a radius of 100km one can see so much natural beauty around Cape Town!

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  3. I love a rugged coastline. Something about the surf pounding on those rocks. And I am a big fan of penguins. I remember my brother told me he had seen some although I’m not sure they were the same. I think he called them fairy penguins? Amazing creatures and a delight to watch. (Though their rookeries are a bit ripe!)

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    1. I agree … a rugged coastline is a sign to me that nature hasn’t been messed with yet. I remember we watched the penguins for a long time – waddling comically on land, but swimming like champions in the sea. I’m now regretting we didn’t take more photos 😌. One day I hope to show you the amazing African penguins on Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town, a few kilometers from Cape Town … that’s something to see!


  4. Betty Bay looks lovely Corna. I’m also a fan of boardwalks, usually they are surrounded by either sea/lake/river views or just beautiful landscapes in general. The sound underfoot is also good for the soul right? Penguins is something truly missing from my travel CV, what a wonderful experience.

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    1. I fell in love with boardwalks on the Portuguese Camino … it was like a pillow for my blistered feet 😬. Today it is one of my favourite pathways! Well, within 100km you can see penguins galore in and around Cape Town … just saying 😉.


  5. That is a wonderful drive and I have some very similar photos! I always find it amusing that those penguins in Boulders arrived after I left. Before that it was a very popular beach for humans!

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    1. I’m sure everyone takes more or less the same photos on this drive 😉 … but it remains one of the most beautiful views for me! We also know Boulders Beach before the penguins arrived … these days it’s quite different!

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