We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

2016 – Harold Porter National Botanical Garden (Betty’s Bay, Western Cape Province)

View over Betty’s Bay and the Atlantic Ocean at the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

In 2016 we prepared for a very long walk on the Camino Frances in Spain. We knew we had to climb some mountains in Spain and chose the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden to get some practice on a very steep ascent.

This botanical garden covers almost 200 ha between mountain and sea, in the heart of the Cape Fynbos region. It’s near Betty’s Bay along Clarence Drive and just east of Cape Town.


47 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #1

  1. Only upon the third reading of that name did I read it correctly and not as Harry Potter. I know exactly what you are talking about when you say ‘nostalgia inducing’ photos. I often feel this way going through my photo library and preparing photos for articles. I love this garden that’s sandwiched between the sea and mountains. We visited a similarly positioned botanical garden in Batumi this summer. It was amazing having ocean views and the juxtaposition of ancient trees and the aquamarine blue was soul-healing.

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    1. I knew you would know all about ‘nostalgia inducing’ photos! When I read your posts of visits long time ago, I can almost feel the emotion in your photos … and that’s exactly what these throwback photos are meant to be! Isn’t it crazy how close this botanical garden’s name is to Harry Potter 😁. I love to see the ocean on our walks and this botanical garden definitely provided the kind of scenery we like! I presume we will see your visit to the botanical garden in Batumi in the not too distant future …

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    1. Yes… you kind of forget how steep the mountain is that you have to climb because the views are so stunning! We reminisced a lot about this training day when we conquered some of the mountains in Spain a couple of months later 😉.


  2. life’s all about living in the moment, but some moments are so blissful that you have to stop and take a picture in hopes it’ll last longer. It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, but even when you’re going through a hard time, it’s surprising how fast life moves on and starts over again. You’ve likely cycled through different styles that you’ve documented in throwback selfies, shared amazing memories of bonding with your best friends, and saw some places in your travels you never thought you could. Therefore, I love nostalgia-inducing pictures – few things live up to the rush of nostalgia you feel when you scroll through photographs from last year’s Christmas celebrations, a trip with your partner or a family gathering. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thanks for a great explanation of throwback moments Aiva! It’s always fun for me to look at a photo taken a long time ago and then remember the emotions of that specific moment … I hope to share quite a few of these moments with you guys on our weekly #TB Thursdays ! Stay well 🌸.

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    1. Ek weet hoe lief jy vir die see is en het gedink jy sal van die uitsig hou. Daar is die lekkerste restaurant (of wel, daar was in 2016 die lekkerste restaurant … nie seker of dit nog so is nie). Jy’s welkom … jy het so baie mooi foto’s om te deel!

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  3. How long were you in the planning stages? It must have been exciting to look forward to such a big adventure. The planning often last longer than the expedition, in my experience but I guess it’s all part of one thing.

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    1. We talked about doing the Camino for a very long time (years), so we had an idea (long before we bought the plane tickets) of how we wanted this trip to work out. We used to do regular hiking trails in our area, but were actively training the last 6 months before we left for Spain (in other words, not enough 😉). But we also realised that the more days you walk continuously, the fitter you get (which mean you actually get hiking fit while doing the Camino).
      Berto loves planning our trips – I normally just jump in blindly and follow … but you’re right, the amount of information one gathers before such a trip can easily fill a big box! Finally, after months of planning, being able to take those first steps on the Camino was magical!


  4. What a great idea. We all have photos that take us back to a memorable time. This coastline around Betty’s Bay is absolutely beautiful. You have taken me back to my years of living in Cape Town with this one, though I confess to not having climbed up that mountain, nor visited the garden, which I think is famous for the magnificent red disa?

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    1. I’m so happy to bring a place to you that you know! I love that part of Cape Town (or should I rather say close to Cape Town 😉). And you’re right, we saw photos of flowers that can be found on this mountain and the red disa was one of them. Unfortunately we didn’t saw them (probably because they bloom in January/February and we hiked this mountain in October). I hope to bring more of our Cape Town throwback photos … I’m sure there will be a few places that you will recognise.


    1. Oh yes, we do the same … we always see if we can remember the emotions in those photos (and surprisingly – even if it’s 10 years ago – you remember when you look at a photo)! This is a lovely part of the Cape Town region – the mountains and the sea make for a great spectacle!

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  5. I also love looking at the beautiful photos from my past vacations! It’s always wonderful memories and I then remember exactly things that I would have otherwise forgotten.
    Your photo shows a magnificent view over Betty’s Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
    I wish you all the best….
    Rosie from Germany

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts Rosie 🌸. It’s great to hear that you also have great memories when looking at photos. Betty’s Bay is such a beautiful seaside village – I wouldn’t mind going there again! Take care 💌.

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