We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

New Zealand – 2019

Last week we featured our visit to the Coromandel Peninsula with a sighting of the beautiful Cathedral Cove. In this week’s throwback post, we are staying in New Zealand.

In June 2019 our friends took us to the tourist town of Rotorua (230km from Auckland). It’s here where you will find a lot of geothermal activity and bubbling hot mud pools.

Natural Thermal Pools

Our first visit was to some of the natural thermal pools. It was already the beginning of winter in New Zealand and it was quite surprising to see so many people in their swimming costumes … but of course they were sitting in thermal pools!

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

The next day we drove to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. Here you can expect to see the well-known Lady Knox geyser. It is induced daily at around 10:00 to erupt by dropping some “powder” into the opening of the vent.

We also took a self-guided walk to the ever-active mud pools. There is a wide range of amazing thermal areas to see and we enjoyed this new experience.

Wai-O-Tapu Wonderland’s active mud pools

It was a steamy affair at Wai-O-Tapu

A lime-green lake at the end of our walk

We had quite an adventurous ride on the Rotorua Luge. But to read all about that, you can click here.

The beautiful town of Rotorua (with the luge track in the foreground)


49 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #10

    1. Hy is nog in die hospitaal, maar daar is beslis beterskap. Die dokter is nog onseker van die oorsaak (sy linker long was gevul met vloeistof en meeste vog is nou deur ‘n dreineringspyp uitgelaat). Dankie Maat vir jou gebede, ons bid ook vir ‘n goeie uitkoms 💌


    1. Jy’s reg Dries, New Zealand is beslis uniek. Tog is daar dele van die land wat baie herinner aan die Tuinroete – soms het dit gevoel ons is binne-in die Knysna bos!
      Ja dankie, Berto maak vordering (al is dit met klein treetjies) … ek het gister vir hom gese sy herstelproses is nou soos die Camino: Een tree op ‘n slag (en hopenlik vorentoe)!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I’m glad to hear that! I don’t know how much has changed since you were there, especially at the natural thermal pools (they’re probably at the same place already for many years). We have never saw something like this before and were really fascinated by all this steam coming from the ground!


    1. Sjoe, 2007 is ook ‘n lang tyd terug ne?
      Ja, Berto is nou al ‘n week in die hospitaal. Dit was maar ‘n op- en af storie, dan gaan dit beter, dan weer slegter. Ons weet nog nie regtig wat die vog in sy linker long veroorsaak het nie, maar as alles wel gaan, behoort die dreineringspyp more (hopenlik) uit te kom … en kan hy dan ook huis toe kom. Ek voel soms of ek op “auto pilot” is, maar is so dankbaar my ma is hier – sy vat raak terwyl ek heen en weer tussen die huis en hospitaal pendel 🙂. Dankie Aletta, ek waardeer jou omgee.


      1. Ja, dit is ‘n seen dat my ma hier is. Ek het nou-net met Berto gepraat en die pyp kom vanoggend uit, dan kan ek hom gaan haal 🙂. Dit gaan waarskynlik ‘n lang herstel proses wees, maar ons is dankbaar dat die Here Sy hand die hele tyd oor Berto gehou het.


    1. Baie dankie Tannie Frannie. Toe Berto voorgestel het my ma vlieg saam met ons terug na ons vakansie in Langebaan, het ons min geweet hoeveel waarde haar besoek vir ons sal wees. Dit was maar ‘n wip-waentjie rit die afgelope twee weke, maar ons is dankbaar waar ons tans is … die dreineringspyp word vanoggend uitgehaal, dan kan ek hom gaan haal 🙏🏻.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true Linda! I said to Berto many times during our stay in New Zealand that this feels like a “new world” to me. And yes, the smell of rotten eggs was a constant reminder we’re sitting within the Pacific Rim and in a geothermal wonderland 😉.

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  1. This was very cool Corna. For some reason geysers and thermal pools stand as a kind of hole in my travel resume. Will have to attend to that one of these years. Lady Knox looks like a sight to behold and I love the steamy affair photo too. I think my kitchen has looked a bit like that once or twice after a disastrous spell of cooking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For us it was quite an experience! South Africa is getting hot, but not as hot and steamy as in Rotorua 😄. Oh, I can also remember an ‘event’ in our kitchen (steam vs smoke) … and I was the guilty one cooking! Thanks for stopping by Leighton, have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you would really enjoy a visit to New Zealand Hannah. We met a few people from the UK who immigrated to NZ and they loved it (although, like us, they were also surprised at how expensive it was) … but I suppose if you save, you can embark on a wonderful tour to see all the beautiful places!


    1. Rotorua is a very unique place – I was particularly fascinated by the colour of the water! Thank you very much for your well wishes for Berto. There is still a long way to go, but we hope that he will make a full recovery in time 🌸.

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  2. What an exciting trip that was. You two are the cutest couple! I was just telling my husband over the weekend I want to see a geyser soon. His last day to work is March 3rd then he’s retired and we want to go on some trips.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was a really great trip … and we only saw the “tip of the iceberg”! Oh, thanks Diane (I’ll take the ‘cute’ compliment any day 😄). Great, you have so much to look forward to when your husband retires – I can’t wait to see the places you’ll be visiting … with hopefully some great food in between too!


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