LANGEBAAN VISIT – September (1)

Garden close to our home

What a surprise! Berto bought two plane tickets to Cape Town and we got to spent a few wonderful days in our hometown, Langebaan.

In Cape Town, one of our friends’ son had a big 21st birthday bash and we were happy to join all of them for this special occasion. And then we travelled 120km to Langebaan … it was good to be back home (even if it was only for a couple of days) and to spend quality time with my mum. It was a great opportunity to check that everything was still in order at our house and to pack our suitcases with more stuff to bring back to East London.

I also enjoyed a lovely breakfast with one of our fellow bloggers, Aletta (nowathome). You will find the most beautiful photo’s on her blog (I’ve learned a lot from her regarding all the different flowers and plants in our region). Thank you Aletta for making time to meet me and for your thoughtful gifts.

Although Berto still had to work, the change of scenery was just what he needed. And I was excited to see that there were still a few flowers around to announce spring on the West Coast of South Africa. Thus, brace yourselves for a couple of flower posts!

Just around the corner from our home is a beautiful public garden. Although it’s not big, it certainly is a great place to just stroll around and admire all the plants and flowers. My mum and I chose a lovely sunny morning to see what the garden has to offer.

There are an abundance of African daisies and gazanias this time of year. My mum knows most of the plant and flower names (though, most of them just in Afrikaans … so, my apologies if I gave them the wrong name). Let me know if I need to correct some of them – that way, I’m also learning ☺️.

A plant that grows really well here on the West Coast, are succulents. They don’t need much rain and basically takes care of themselves. Back home, we have many pots with succulents which looks great all year round.

Tree aeonium – a type of succulent

It’s only when one walks slowly, that you see all the colourful bushes of flowers on the ground.

Another lovely gazania

I am always amazed to see a certain tree/plant that leans over, it almost forms an arch and is in most gardens in Langebaan. I had to google this plant and find the name very appropriate – it is called a Foxtail or Lion’s tail.

(Update: This is actually called a Foxtail Agave attenuata – thanks Aletta).😊

Foxtail Agave attenuata

There are also many types of aloes in the garden, yet another plant that does not need a lot of water and looks really pretty when they bloom.

Soap aloe

The next flower is probably my favourite in this garden – the Rock Purslane. It’s a bright pink, got the most delicate petals and smells nice.

A pretty flower (looks like a gazania) and Foxtail attenuata

I always enjoy a stroll through this garden, especially during spring and I’m really happy that I could see all the plants and flowers on our quick visit.

A last look at the public garden

On our way back home, we walked past our neighbour’s house. They also have some lovely flowers in their garden and I stopped quickly to take photos of the most colourful ones.

Once a year, around the end of September or beginning of October, my Amaryllis will bloom. I have this plant now for 8 years and always enjoy its flowers. When we left Langebaan, my Amaryllis had seven buds and will probably start to bloom within the next two weeks. My mum promised to take photos once all the flowers are open and then send it to me … but in the meantime, here is a photo of my Amaryllis with all its flowers open, taken last year.

A photo from last year – my Amaryllis in full bloom

In our next post, we are taking a drive into the West Coast National Park and Postberg Nature Reserve … on the lookout for more flowers and scenic landscapes. See you there.


56 thoughts on “LANGEBAAN VISIT – September (1)

  1. What a lovely colourful post! I’ve been following Aletta for a good while and enjoyed seeing your part of the world through her eyes. Many of the plants grow readily here too. I always marvel at the Lion’s Tail, but had no idea of its name, Gazanias are amongst my favourites. A colour for every day of the week.

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    1. For me, spring is synonymous with colour. I miss this on the southeast coast of our country where we’re currently are (though, it’s very green here). I’m so happy that you are also a follower on Aletta’s blog – her photos of the West Coast region is truly beautiful. You’re right about the Gazanias – there’s so many different colours … a feast for the eye!

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  2. So nice that you managed to get back home fir a few days to see your mum and check that the house was OK. Your amaryllis looks splendid. We over winter ours on windowsills and have had several for a few years now though they seem to flower when they feel like it and not at Christmas any more!

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    1. Thank you Marion, it was really nice to just be surrounded by our “stuff” in our home (I wish I could just pack everything in my suitcase ☺️). And of course, time with my mum is always valuable and we enjoyed lovely walks together. My amaryllis is like a calendar – when they start to flower, I can be guarenteed that it’s end of September or beginning October!

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    1. Though fall is my favourite season, spring on the West Coast is definitely the most colourful season … which is not always appreciated by my hay fever 😉. Thank you for your lovely comments Carolyn, I’m so happy you enjoyed our flower pictures!


    1. Thank you John. The foxtail (which I hope is the correct name), is something I see regularly on the West Coast of South Africa and I always stop to look at this unique plant – it surely catches the eye. Well, I hope between my mum and google that I gave all the flowers the correct names … otherwise I might be in trouble with those who are experts on this subject 😉.


    1. Hulle was beslis … het sommer hulle stuifmeel lekker rondgegooi sodat ek ‘n allemintige hooikoors gekry het! Maar dis regtig net so mooi dat ek dit maar verduur (en lyk my Oos-London gaan my spaar van hooikoors hierdie jaar – so, dit het sy voordeel om hier te wees die tyd van die jaar)!

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  3. What a wonderful collection of beautiful and colourful flower photos! I am glad to hear you had a chance to go back home to see your mom because only a few things in life can compare to the delight of finally returning to one’s hometown. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  4. Baie dankie vir ons lekker ou kuiertjie! Dit was so lekker om jou weer te sien! Die blomme daar in jou omgewing is regtig pragtig. “A pretty flower and succulent” ( dit lyk soos ‘n gazania dink ek en langs hom is ‘n Agave attenuata ) Die Lion’s Tail is Wilde dagga se ander naam , die een in jou foto is ‘n Foxtail Agave attenuata. Jou amarillis plant is ongelooflik mooi en kan nie wag om die blomme te sien nie!

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    1. Baie dankie Aletta … ek het geweet ek kan staatmaak op jou plante en blomme kennis! Ek het glad nie geweet Lion’s Tail is Wilde dagga se ander naam nie – dis baie interessant. Ja, ek’s baie trots op my amarillis – Berto se dis omdat hy altyd sy whiskey glas se ys daarin gooi wanneer ons klaar gebraai het (dis dalk ‘n geheim vir die mooi blomme 😁).


    1. Die Foxtail – dit is mooi (en ongewoon), ne Elsabe? Ja, dis eintlik verstommend hoeveel verskillende blomme en plante daar in hierdie klein(erige) tuintjie is. Ek sien soveel van ons ouer inwoners wat in die omgewing bly en gereeld daar rondloop … dit is regtig ‘n lieflike plek.

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  5. How lovely that you got to visit with your Mum and see your home – well done Berto! The flowers are beautiful and yes, I think the Rock Purslane would be my favourite too. Such a glorious shade of purple! Great too that you were able to meet up with Aletta

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    1. Thank you Sarah, I’m glad you like the Rock Purslane too – it’s such a delicate flower, but was standing firm in the southeasterly wind. And yes, breakfast with Aletta was great … it’s always nice to meet up with a fellow blogger and she’s such a nice and kindhearted person. Berto is currently the hero in our house (and in our friends’ houses and with my mum 😉).

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    1. Thank you very much Tricia. Yes, everything was great … seeing my mum, our friends and all the beautiful flowers and plants. A real treat 🌸. And agree, the Foxtail Agave is simply unique – I just love seeing that in the gardens in Langebaan!

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  6. Love the foxtail agave, so odd looking. One thing I enjoyed in may days of traveling to the south side of the equator was the flowers that were so different than what I saw at home. Flowers are certainly one of the best parts of this creation, I never tire of them.

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    1. You’re right, the foxtail is indeed a very odd looking plant. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it looked like that by accident … but then I noticed plenty of them in gardens and they all look the same. So, I guess, that’s how they look 😉. I’m glad you like flowers (me too), it’s one of nature’s wonders that puts me in an instant good mood!


  7. How wonderful for you to go and get some home comforts, Corna. Hanging out with your mum and drinking in these beautiful flowers must have been soul-soothing I’m guessing. I wouldn’t have a clue about any of the flower names, so props to you and your friend for doing the work. I had however, heard of the foxtail!

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    1. We (or more me, because Berto had to work), made the most of our quick visit back home! It’s now official – I can pack a suitcase to the brim!! Would you know, that you heard of the foxtail … while I’ve seen it so many times, but never knew the name of it! I think it’s great to know all the names of plants and flowers, but it seems like quite a lot of brain power to try and remember these 😁 – I would rather just refer to them as “colourful” and “beautiful”!

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    1. Ha, I’m not letting him out of sight!! Though the trip was short, it was great to be back home and of course to spent some time with my mum and friends. I’m happy that you enjoyed the flowers – they are so pretty and colourful this time of year.

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    1. Blomme (enige blomme) is darem maar net mooi, ne! Ja, ek en Aletta het heerlik saam gekuier … oor die meer uitgekyk en lekker ge-ontbyt. Sy is so ‘n sagte en vreugdevolle mens – het haar vreeslik geniet!


    1. Ha, lucky indeed 😊. Yes, my mom was so used to had us close by for the last couple of years, but fortunately she’s got great neighbours and her sisters are also not that far. The flowers in Langebaan is such an amazing sight … I just can’t get enough of it … one would think I would get tired of this, but every year I’m looking forward to see how nature is changing into a colourful kaleidoscope.

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    1. Dankie Toortsie, ja daardie pot Amaryllis het net so met die trek lorrie vanaf die Kaap tot in Langebaan gekom en elke jaar is die blomme net meer – ek geniet dit vreeslik as hulle so blom! ‘n Sonwyser? Gaats, nou vra jy my ‘n ding … ek het geen idee nie, nie eens geweet sy Engelse naam is Foxtail nie. Maar ek het so bietjie gaan google en sien die naam “Agave attenuate” word in dieselfde sin as Sonwyser genoem – jy blyk dus nie verkeerd te wees nie. Dis baie interessant!


    1. Indeed, a lovely surprise! Yes, it was great to just check on my mum and our house … and the bonus was the colourful flowers that’s still blooming (although it was already late in the season) … they probably just waited for me 😉.

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    1. He made sure that I will be baking several treats in the next coming weeks to “repay” him for this surprise 😉. Thank you Hannah, the flowers are certainly bright and colourful this time of year … especially back home!


    1. Absolutely Ruth, it’s always good to be back home (even if it’s just for a quick visit). Yes, although South Africa has 11 (yes, 11!) official languages, Afrikaans is spoken (mostly) everywhere in South Africa … more in some provinces and areas than others. For example, back home on the West Coast Afrikaans is the predominantly spoken language and where we are at the moment (South East Coast), it’s mostly English.

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      1. Oh, and here I thought 11 languages were unthinkable 😉. Although we have so many languages (with the African languages of Zulu and Xhosa that are spoken by the vast majority of the people), English is widely used as a second language and common language of communication. I presume this is just the way it is when a country has such a diverse culture.

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    1. Yes, this was such a lovely surprise! I certainly enjoyed my time back home and the quality time with my mom! The colourful flowers was such a feast for the eyes … and that’s literally just around the corner from our house – sometimes one don’t have to go far to find beauty in nature!

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