LANGEBAAN VISIT – September (2)

Postberg Nature Reserve

The Postberg Nature Reserve is situated inside the West Coast National Park. This reserve is only open for 2 months of the year – August and September – the time when wildflowers are spread out like a carpet.

Since we were very close to the end of September, I did not really foresee to find many wildflowers … it seems the best time to have viewed it this year was about 3 weeks ago. But still, it’s always a scenic drive and my mum and I got in the car to spent a morning inside the park and reserve.

Bonus – Free entry:

Once a year, the National Park board offers one week of free entry to South African residents into their parks … and how lucky were we, we visited the park in that very same week! It normally costs R70 per person (€4.00).

West Coast National Park:

Although we were on our way to Postberg Nature Reserve, we made a quick stop at the popular Seeberg Viewpoint in the West Coast National Park. From here, one can see the lovely Langebaan lagoon, as well as Kraalbaai where we so often go during the summer months.

Information centre at Seeberg Viewpoint

Postberg Nature Reserve:

When we entered Postberg Nature Reserve, it was evident that we would no longer see the abundance of wild springflowers we are used to. The peak season of the springflowers were over, but the field was still beautiful and as scenic as ever!

We drove to the lookout point from where the beautiful town of Langebaan is visible – always a great sight to see!

Langebaan lagoon, Schaapen Island and the town Langebaan in the distance

While walking around at the lookout point, we noticed springflowers between the rocks and on the pathways. Although there were not that many flowers, we could still stop, smell and admire them (while taking a couple of photos).

African daisies

My mum and I spent almost half an hour here while we were admiring the flowers that’s left of the season and the amazing views over the Langebaan lagoon. What makes this so special, is that we can only have these views during August – September … special moments.

Following my mum on the pathway at the lookout point
A last look at the Langebaan lagoon from Postberg Nature Reserve

From here, we followed the dirt road towards the sea. But not before we came to a spot with some wildflowers … not a lot, but worth it to stop and enjoy the moment.

The last wildflowers of the season with a view towards the Atlantic Ocean
In the distance we noticed a herd of zebras
Spectacular views in Postberg Nature Reserve
A patch of colourful wildflowers

Towards the end of the drive in the reserve, we did see more wildflowers. It was definitely not what we’re used to, but still beautiful.

And then, as we were almost at the end of the circular route, we found two bontebokke in the field (one of the rarest antelopes in South Africa, but a familiar sight in the West Coast National Park). They were grazing close to the road and were not even bothered when I got out of our car to take a photo.

This was the perfect end to our drive through the lovely West Coast National Park and Postberg Nature Reserve.


47 thoughts on “LANGEBAAN VISIT – September (2)

  1. Ek is bly julle kon daar ‘n draaitjie gaan maak! Kan jy glo die toegang is nou R100 per persoon! Die blomme is skaars die jaar, die weer was so anders en ek dink die plante het net so deurmekaar geraak. Party mense dit is 2 weke laat die jaar en ek wil nogal met hulle saamstem. Ek het ‘n ietwat
    beter skouspel die jaar verwag ! Jou foto’s is pragtig en ek is bly julle kon die dag daar geniet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sjoe, al ‘n R100? Ek het op hulle website gesien dis R70 (dalk is dit meer tydens die blomme seisoen). Ja, ek het ook gedink daar sou meer blomme wees, maar lyk vir my dit was meer na Namakwaland se kant toe. Maar nou ja, een jaar is die blomme volop en lieflik en ander jare minder. Dit is altyd lekker om in die park te ry en Postberg elke jaar te gaan besoek – so bly ek kon hierdie jaar weer die geleentheid kry, want dit bly ‘n mooi gesig!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jo. Oh yes, the lagoon is probably what makes Langebaan such a popular destination for tourists. There are so many zebras in the park and it’s always such a great moment to see them grazing without being scared off by all the tourists.


      1. Definitely lagoon I would say, because it’s not a lake. Many years ago (in the 17th century), Dutch seafarers – on their way to Cape Town – entered the lagoon to repair and clean their ships, and they named the long strip of calm water formed by the lagoon Langebaan (or “Die Baan”) … well, that’s at least one of the various interpretations ☺️.


    1. That’s true Carolyn 🌸. We had such a wonderful time of chatting and enjoying each other’s company while being out in nature. This was indeed a warm spring day and perfect for driving through the park. I always love seeing the bontebokke in the park – a beautiful animal. Thank you for coming with us!


    1. Those views are lovely indeed. I had to google ‘tundra’ … am I right that you’re referring to what you saw while being in the Arctics? I saw it’s also called a treeless vegetation. Well, you are correct in that way … there are almost no trees in the vast plains in Postberg Nature Reserve towards the sea.


  2. Ok, so you missed the full bloom of the flowers, but it’s still an utterly gorgeous place. And the flowers you did photograph turned out very well, especially those African Daisies. My favourite shot is of the distant zebras, I love the way they are just little details in the vast scope of the landscape. The trail also looked really quiet, did you have it more or less to yourselves?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely … with or without the spring flowers, it’s always a beautiful place to visit! Ah, I love the African Daisies – they are plentiful this time of year and are almost like colourful crayons because they come in so many different colours! I said the other day to a blogger that we sometimes call a zebra a “pajama donkey” or “prison pony” 😉 … but they are beautiful animals and I’m always happy to see them. Since it was a free week for South Africans in the parks, there were actually many visitors in the reserve. But I think we were probably just lucky in avoiding most of them at the places we stopped (you know I’m not someone for big crowds).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, the African daisies are always a hit in spring time – for me, it’s one the most beautiful flowers. I agree, to see the bontebokke on our way out, was definitely a highlight (and so close to the road). Thanks for reading Marion, have a great week. Here is no sign of spring as it’s now raining continuously for 2 days (something we’re not used to, but I suppose it’s normal for this side of South Africa ☺️).

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    1. To me, this is one of the most beautiful sights around Langebaan … and when it’s a great wildflower season, the carpet of flowers are indeed a magic place to find yourself in! Yes, that type of architecture is a good reflection of how buildings looked a century ago. These days, it’s obviously more modern, but the historic buildings look very much like this little information centre.
      Thanks for the visit Ruth, it’s much appreciated 🌸.

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    1. It’s definitely my favourite place during August and September – the views are truly spectacular. And yes, during a colourful spring, this is just a magical place to be … it’s unbelievable how these colourful flowers just pops up everywhere (as if it was planted there)!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you have great memories of this place as well Morag ❤️. It is such a beautiful area and I’m always looking forward to August and September to witness the lagoon from Postberg’s side … and with my mom it was indeed special.

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