HIKING – Nahoon Point Nature Reserve (East London, SA)

Walking the Nahoon boardwalk

The Nahoon Point Nature Reserve are home to more than 2km of unspoilt coastline, as well as a series of boardwalks that are perched above the fragile dune vegetation – this allow the visitors to be part of the splendor without damaging the plants or habitat under their feet.

We have read that the Nahoon Point wooden boardwalk was recently repaired and improved … it was time for us to have a closer look. After we found parking in the car park area, it was only a few steps on the white sand before we reached the boardwalk.

At the start of the boardwalk, one can see the city of East London in the distance
The boardwalk was just visible above the high dune vegetation
As always, I’ve got Berto’s back covered 😉
And he caught me resting!
A big rock (surrounded by smaller rocks)

A new addition to the boardwalk, is a platform from where one can watch the ocean (and the whales). We hope to see the whales at some point during our stay here in East London.

The platform is perfect for ocean and whale watching

From the platform the boardwalk continues with a few bends and steps until we reached the beach.

The few bends in the boardwalk

At first glance, it’s a rocky beach and we found a narrow pathway between the rocks and dune until we got to another car park and a small sandy beach.

Interesting sandstone formations on our way to the beach

Here, some people enjoyed the beach and water. Youngsters were playing in the water and a couple were sun bathing on the beach … and here I thought it’s supposed to be winter right now!

At the end of this beach, we saw another boardwalk winding its way to the top of a dune and decided to follow this one to see where it was heading.

To our surprise, a much bigger sandy beach was waiting on the other side of the dune! The boardwalk is taking you down all the way to the beautiful Nahoon beach … and once again, lots of people enjoyed the beach here. If it looks like this on a winter’s day, I would love to see this beach in December during summer time!

Walking down towards Nahoon beach

We decided not to go further down to the beach … we just remembered that we will have to take the boardwalk all the way back to our car! We will visit the beach on another hot day.

A last look at Nahoon beach

Sometimes, during this walk, the boardwalk would end, which meant we had to follow a narrow pathway through bushes to get back to the boardwalk again. Ah, don’t you just love a bit of adventure on an otherwise easy hike!

Following a narrow pathway on our way back

On our way back, we came across a guy and his two dogs. The one dog was very persistent in following Berto. We had to stop a couple of times to show him back to his owner … eventually he reluctantly decided to let us go.

Berto’s new friend

The views back to the small beach were beautiful. It was now downhill (and hard on the knees) … but at least we could enjoy the ocean beneath us.

Walking back down with the boardwalk

Back on the small beach, we noticed the well-known yellow frames from where you can take photo’s … unfortunately the sun was right behind the frame, which meant our angle of taking a picture was not perfect.

Yellow frame picture (probably not the way it’s intended to look)

From here onwards, we had to climb the boardwalk all the way back up to get to the car park area. A hike that was intended to be a slow and comfortable one, gave us a good workout in the end!

A message on a rock

At the start of our walk, we noticed that there was a restaurant at the car park. We needed no encouragement to go straight to the Reef Café for lunch!

The sign for the Reef Café

We ordered two big glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice to quench our thirst. After the juice, I was fortunate to order a glass of wine (Berto was driving). For lunch, I enjoyed the Fish Bite Basket (filled with fish bites & scampi prawns) served with onion rings and chips, while Berto could not resist a Sleezy Cheesy burger with chips and a side salad … all really delicious.

Heavenly orange juice

Oh, and the Reef Café have a clever idea of making sure the beach is clean. When you come back from your walk with a bag of trash, you can hand it in at the café and get a free coffee … we will do our bit next time!

Do your bit for nature

It was a great walk on a beautiful boardwalk … although, I must admit, my legs were quite sore the next day … it’s time that we get on more hiking trails!


58 thoughts on “HIKING – Nahoon Point Nature Reserve (East London, SA)

  1. That looks a seriously long walk and with steps no less. I don’t wonder you were sore but what a great beach. I would love to sit looking out for whales, with the breeze (not wind!) on my face. I also love that the cafe is doing its bit for Nature with the coffee for trash. Good for them.

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    1. I was quite impressed that this boardwalk carried on for such a long way. Oh yes, I would love to watch passing whales (agree, with no wind)! There was not really any sign of trash on the beach … maybe the cafe’s initiative works … or maybe people are just generally good with looking after nature (or is this wishful thinking?) ☺️.


  2. I love a seaside boardwalk and the one you have just done looks so.nice and if the beach looks so inviting in winter, it must be absolutely delightful in summer. What a great I initiative at the café for collecting rubbish. More places could take their lead on that! Enjoy your week.

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    1. I’m sure this boardwalk must be one of the gems around East London. They have done a really great job of repairing some of the broken parts of the boardwalk and adding new sections (like that platform). We will definitely come back here again (I seem to say that of every place we visit thus far 😊), but especially during summer. I agree Marion, high five to the cafe for that initiative!


  3. You weren’t kidding about this boardwalk and the views it offers 😍 It’s simply gorgeous. I also must applaud the owners of the café for creating this incentive to help maintain the area clean. Bravo!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. See, I told you 😁. It was such a lovely walk and with those splendid views, it’s worth a visit on a regular basis! And yes, I agree with you about a good deed by the cafe … I will even pay for my (free) coffee just because they care so much for the environment.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Maggie, this is where the Wild Coast and the Sunshine Coast comes together … I can see why! The boardwalk is such a wonderful attraction to both tourists and locals (and I’m happy to see the authorities are taking care of it).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. We were pleasantly surprised with this walk … and yes, we will most definitely go there again! Thumbs up for the cafe and that great initiative – just for that, we will make sure to support them each time we get there!

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    1. Dankie vir die inloer Christa … ja, dis regtig mooi. Ons is verbaas oor hoeveel mooi hier is, want ek dink nie die Oos-Kaap word verskriklik baie bemark deur die toerismeburo in SA nie (of dalk het ek dit net nog altyd mis gekyk). Daar is ‘n paar sulke bankies op die “boardwalk” en ek’s seker mens kan sommer lekker lank sit en staar oor die mooie see.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dis waar Tannie Frannie, die heerlike sonskynweer het beslis bygedra tot die heerlike stap. Ag ja, die see is soos medisyne vir mens se siel … ek kan sommer net sit en staar vir ure (alhoewel, Berto se altyd vir my ons hoef nie noodwendig te sit nie, ons kan ook STAP en staar na die see 😉).

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  4. Corna, dit is regtig n pragtige plek waar julle gaan stap het! Lekker om so nuwe plekke te ontdek! Die strande en die uitsig oor die oseaan is so mooi! Bly dat hulle die plantegroei so beskerm met die boardwalk. (kan sowaar nie aan die Afrikaanse woord dink nie🙄). Bly hulle hou dit in n goeie toestand.

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    1. Dis heerlik om al hierdie nuwe plekke te sien Aletta. En die strande is almal mooi en die uitsigte ewe lieflik! Tannie Frannie het net-nou gehelp met “boardwalks”, sy noem dit “plankpaaie” (dis so ‘n mooi woord, ne). Ja, dit klink my die owerhede het hier aan die begin van die jaar die boardwalks begin regmaak (en sommer ook die plaaslike mense gekry om te help), dit was so lekker om dit raak te lees.


    1. It was a big surprise for us! The boardwalk is definitely more than what we expected and to see Nahoon beach on the other side, made us hoping that summer won’t stay away too long 😉. Thanks for reading and commenting Hannah, have a great week.


  5. This looks like a wonderful coastal walk. I hope yo go back when there are whales around and share the sight! Your lunch looks delicious too and I love the idea the cafe has to reward litter picking 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sarah, yes it was indeed a great walk (a bit more strenuous than expected, but worth the views)! I would say lunch was well deserved ☺️. We will definitely go back there to support the initiative of the cafe – love it!

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    1. That’s true Tricia … it really felt as if the boardwalk had no end (which is a good thing of course). The last part of the boardwalk was quite steep – I felt it in my wobbeling knees going back down, but oh my, the views were just breathtaking beautiful! And I agree 100% with you on that cafe!

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  6. I really like the boardwalk and how it has been nestled right into the greenery. This was yet another impressive walk with the kind of stunning views I have become accustomed to seeing in South Africa through your posts. Going back and seeing the beach is a must while catching sight of some whales would be just… awesome. You really earned those juices and that meal! Another great post Corna, maybe that dog figured life with you guys might be more fun than with his current owner 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Leighton – it was a great afternoon exploring (yet) another new place. I really hope we can see some whales … apparently a good time for them to make their appearances here on the southeast coast, is during the last six months of the year … sounds perfect, hey! Ha, that dog will have a heavenly time with us, that’s for sure (if only he knew, he would have slipped into our car 🙃). Thanks for reading and your great comments (as always), have a good week.

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  7. My oë rek ietwat, Corna. Ek vermoed ek sou nie kon byhou op hierdie lieflike staproete nie. Dis wonderlik dat jy soveel detail op hierdie manier met mens deel, so saam met al jou fotos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nee wat Una, rus-rus sal jy maklik hierdie ene kan stap … dink net aan al die mooi uitsigte wat jy gaan kry wanneer jy bo is! Dankie dat jy ingeloer het, ek’s bly jy het dit geniet.


    1. Thanks for joining us Ruth. I presume it’s hot there by you (if you’re going for the orange juice 🌞). I just said to my husband the other day: When it’s summer, it’s sometimes too hot and when it’s winter, it’s sometimes too cold … I wish we could have spring and fall forever!

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    1. I remember all those lovely boardwalks we have walked in Portugal on our Portuguese Camino … but these boardwalks are just on another level of enjoyment! I totally agree with you regarding the cafe’s wonderful initiative – we will definitely support them again (and do our part for nature).

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  8. I love how SA and Australia have all these boardwalks along their coastlines, it makes it easier to walk along and to reach the beach (though I appreciate the steps up and down to the actual beach can be an effort). Here in Cornwall a lot of the coastal paths are badly eroded and stony and slippery and getting down to a secluded beach can be tricky. You seem to have landed in a beautiful area.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I have seen many boardwalks similar like these on fellow bloggers’ sites in Australia. Maybe it’s because it’s sometimes so bushy close to the beaches and to make access easier. Oh, I love the scenery at Cornwall (of course only from what I have seen on photo’s – never been there) and can’t wait to have a look at your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. And so much beauty Lisa! I am totally surprised with what we have seen so far in the Eastern Cape province. Yes, it’s a lovely boardwalk, that just continued on and on! We are getting there, thanks for asking. We are now in our rented house and I think most stuff are sorted out … we feel blessed 🌸.

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  9. Absolutely stunning! Thank you for taking me along the boardwalk Corna 🌸💕 Seems like a really great experience, plus you got to exercise, whilst taking in beautiful views and ending off with a satisfying meal, what more can you asked for? Oh yes, the cleaning up and getting the free coffee😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Henrietta 🌸. And thank you for coming along – hopefully you were not too tired after walking up and down this lovely boardwalk 😉. This must be really one of the most beautiful boardwalks we have ever walked … yes, you can be sure we’ll be going back there (we still need to collect a bag of trash for that free coffee ☺️).

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    1. Like I’ve said before … I thought the yellow photo frames are in most tourist places around the world 🙃. I think it’s quite a brilliant idea – we saw one on a farm a couple of months ago (made by the local farmer) with a lovely hill as a backdrop, the frame had nothing written on it (like the professional ones), but was just painted yellow and has made lovely photo’s … quite ingenious.


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