KIDD’S BEACH (Sunshine Coast, South Africa)

Visiting Kidd’s Beach and enjoying a Sunday roast

On a Sunday after church, we decided to drive a little further out of East London to explore more of its beautiful beaches.

Kidd’s Beach, a small coastal resort town (about 28km from East London) was named after Charles Kidd, a former mayor of King William’s Town. The beach has an uninterrupted landscape of white sand and sea. There is definitely a lack of commercialisation … life is simple here and nobody seems to be in a rush. Fishing seems to be a popular activity and people are enjoying long strolls on the white beach.

It was a bit overcast when we arrived at Kidd’s Beach, but even in these conditions, it was still great to take a stroll on the beach.

Our first sight of Kidd’s Beach
There is a tidal pool – which I’m sure is a popular place during summer time

First, we had to walk past a rocky section, before we could reach the open beach.

Is this the lifesaver’s spot?

Kidd’s Beach is situated on the Mkhanzi River and we walked over to where the river mouths into the sea.

The Mkhanzi River
A rocky section at the beach

We walked over to the rocky section of the beach, because we are always intrigued by the shapes of these rocks.

A closer look

Although, it was a bit overcast (and definitely not hot), there were a couple of brave youngsters in the water.

Nothing wrong with a mid-winter splash

We walked back to the tidal pool, before we tried our luck at The Tea Room restaurant. Apparently, the Sunday roast is quite popular with both the locals and visitors … and we got the last table outside!

A last look at the tidal pool
The Tea Roo(n)m 😉

The Sunday roast was delicious and with a glass of crisp white wine, this was the perfect end to more explorations of our new environment.

On our way out of Kidd’s Beach, we drove up and down in the few streets of this coastal town and was surprised at how beautiful the gardens were. Don’t you just love it when people are taking care of their environment?

A beautiful garden in Kidd’s Beach

It was time to take the road back to East London and we were quite happy to have found yet another picturesque seaside village like Kidd’s Beach. It definitely seems like the perfect place when you want to get away from it all and get back in touch with nature.

On our way back to East London on the R72

63 thoughts on “KIDD’S BEACH (Sunshine Coast, South Africa)

    1. Dit is verstommend, ne! Ons het dit ook opgemerk toe ons tuis weer na die foto’s gekyk het … die son het vir rukkies voluit geskyn en dan weer agter die wolke verdwyn, so dit het seker maar afgehang van wanneer ons die foto’s geneem het. En terwyl dit bewolk voor ons was, was dit amper oopgetrek agter ons … die natuur is maar net wonderlik!

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  1. East London beaches look pretty inviting, Corna! It is one of the most sublime coastlines of the world, what can be better than warm Indian Ocean waters and sub-tropical weather that allow visitors to enjoy the climate all year round? Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope all is well with you and your family, my friend 🙂 Aiva xxx

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    1. Thanks Aiva … I must admit, I’m totally surprised with the lovely (and unspoilt) beaches on this side of our country! Oh yes, and the mild winter temperatures 😉. Can you just imagine the fun we’ll have here during the summer months? We are both doing great and hope the same with you guys 🌸.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing … how does this beach look in the middle of December (when it’s school holiday and summer)? Oh well, we were just happy to enjoy it on a perfect winter’s day 😉.


  2. It could almost be Cornwall with the rocks and the dunes (towans) and the soft sand. I remember visiting somewhere along that coast, around Kenton-on-Sea, where there were black lava looking rocks. There are a lot of lovely beaches in the eastern Cape.

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    1. Baie dankie Una 🌸. Dis altyd maklik om met oorgawe te skryf as ‘n plek regtig mooi is en ‘n indruk maak … is dit nie? En as ek weg stap (of weg ry) van ‘n plek wat my hart vol gemaak het, dan borrel die woorde sommer uit!

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      1. Ah, baie dankie Toortsie … ek waardeer jou en Una se mooi woorde. Ons land is so mooi – wraggies, ek is verbaas. Ek voel nou so effe skaam dat ek aan die begin van ons Oos-London plasing genoem het dat dit nie ons eerste/tweede keuse was nie – kyk nou net hoeveel mooi is hier!

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    1. Ah, I’m glad you liked it Sarah! It sure is our kind of beach as well. I think the picture might look slightly different during summer, but for now, we were happy to see it with no crowds! Not much can beat this experience!

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  3. Great pictures of the rock formations. and such a lovely empty beach. How is it that you always find great places to eat! After reading your posts I always feel the need for a snack! I’m so glad you are finding good places to visit in your new environment.

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    1. Thank you Carolyn … those rocks are beautiful, hey? The empty beaches are such a bliss – I’m not sure how these will look during summer time, but for now we’re enjoying these tremendously! Can I share a secret with you … when we decide to visit a new place, we also look (on the sideline) which restaurants are close by (and for some reason, we are always fortunate to find a great place) 😉.

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  4. Julle is so gelukkig om nog ‘n pragtige strand?dorpie daar naby julle te he, Corna! Dis pragtig met die wit sand, rotse en selfs ‘n riviermond! Natuurlik dan ook die bonus van ‘n eetplek waar mens nog ‘n lekker Sondag middagete kan geniet! Bly julle is gelukkig daar!

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    1. Kan jy glo hier is so baie mooi strand dorpies naby Oos-London? Sommer net om die draai van ons (amper soos daar aan die Weskus 😉). Dit is ‘n baie mooi strand – miskien die mooiste een sover vir my … of dalk voel dit net vir my so omdat ons so ‘n lekker middagete gekry het!

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    1. Once again, thank you for taking the time to catch up with our posts Henrietta – it’s much appreciated. Yes, Kidd’s Beach is a great place to get close with nature and just enjoy the beauty it has to offer 💕.

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  5. What a natural and rugged beach Corna, and as you say, delightfully uncommercial. Part of it could even be described as desert-like with those amazing rock formations, until you see the deep blue of the sea beyond all that brown. The roast was surely the icing on the cake! if this is “winter”, please sign me up!

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    1. Thank you for popping in to enjoy yet another beach walk … by now, you guys must had an abundance of ocean views from our blog! But it is just far too beautiful not to share 😊. Ah, the roast – yes, that was great! Winter in the Eastern Cape is a bliss … but this just makes me a tiny bit wary of what summer could be …

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    1. I think we might just visit Kidd’s Beach more often during summer … I wonder whether there will be ice-cream on sale 👀. I can see myself sitting there at the tidal pool on a hot day with my feet in the water and ice-cream in hand!

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    1. I am so surprised to see these unspoilt beaches – it’s great that high rising buildings have not yet taken over here! But yes, I suppose it looks a bit different during summer … but it’s a huge beach, so hopefully there’s space for everyone 🌞. Our ‘return list’ are growing 😁. Thanks for reading Marion, hope you have a great day.

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    1. Definitely (another) future beach to re-visit during summer Linda … the list is growing 😁. Yeah, we were indeed lucky with that last table – I always say, when you see many locals at a restaurant, it must be a good one, and the Tea Room turned out to be a great place!

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      1. That’s indeed interesting … here, rice is always on a Sunday lunch plate (however, the gravy is normally in a seperate bowl). But we do like our rice, whether it’s white, yellow, brown or basmati (the more carbs, the better 😉). That’s why we don’t have it too often …


    1. Ha, don’t you just love winter when it’s like this 😊? But as I’ve said to others, this makes me a bit worried about summer … I heard the humidity can be quite high here during the summer months (hopefully that will melt my fat away 😄). And apparently, summer months are also known for heavy rain and thunderstorms – so, don’t you worry, the rain is coming (I doubt however about any snow). Thanks for exploring and discovering our new area with us. Take care 🌸.


    1. That’s true Tricia … we are astonished at all the lovely beaches! We have now seen a couple of beaches and it’s difficult to decide which one is our favourite ☺️. Thank you for reading and, as always, your much appreciated comment.

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  6. I’m always excited to see what’s around the corner with you & Berto! Thank you for sharing your new discoveries. This place is idyllic! And how lucky were you to get the last table available outside at the restaurant?! All the makings for a perfect Sunday afternoon. 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thanks for popping in Lisa! Yes, there’s so many new places to explore … I’m like a kid in a candy store 😉. Kidd’s Beach is really beautiful – can’t wait to go back there in summer time (or hang on, it was actually perfect to visit during winter) … no crowds and yes, we got the last table. I can’t think we will be that lucky in summer!

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    1. Those patterns are quite unusual – we have seen it only once before (on our road trip in December about 700km from here) – it is quite fascinating. We will definitely visit Kidd’s Beach again during summer time … I think it can be a fun day when it’s really hot 🌞.

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    1. We like the pristine beaches – it’s almost as if you can experience nature as it was all these years and nothing much changed. At our home on the West Coast of South Africa there are many of these beaches … in fact, in a month’s time we will be camping at one of those beaches! Oh, I can’t wait!

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