SUBURBAN STROLL – I (with garden views), Cape Town

As mentioned in our previous post, we are currently in Cape Town while Berto is familiarizing himself with his new job. We are staying with friends for the next two weeks in a beautiful and peaceful suburb of Cape Town.

There are lovely gardens in this neighbourhood and I have taken a couple of morning walks to explore the area. One garden in particular have made me stop in my tracks. While admiring the garden, the owner came out to meet us. I have asked him whether we could take some pictures and he was more than happy to show me around.

(Our friends’ son accompanied me on this walk and while I enjoyed a great conversation with the owner, he took most of the pictures).

One of the most beautiful gardens
The owner and I chatting on the soft green grass
The front entrance to the house

Though we had a hot and dry summer behind us, this garden is luscious and green. The owner, who build this house 28 years ago, has the availability of water from a borehole … meaning they enjoy their beautiful green garden all year long!

A thick green lawn
The evergreen flowers add wonderful colour to the garden
Different shades of pink
Star-like tiny pink flowers

There are also several hibiscus trees in the garden and we enjoyed looking, touching and smelling them.

Hibiscus tree

The owner mentioned that he is busy replanting the roses, but we still managed to find a few roses in full bloom.

Peach coloured rose

It was such a treat to visit this lovely garden and I’m glad I could meet the owner as well. He is very proud of his garden … and rightly so. I do hope you have enjoyed the splashes of colour too.

Definitely a prize-winning garden

66 thoughts on “SUBURBAN STROLL – I (with garden views), Cape Town

    1. That’s so true John! I could hear and see the pride in the owner’s eyes. I love it when someone is taking care of his surroundings … and I’ve seen many gardens here with that same attitude of caring. Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead – we’re waiting for your lovely photo’s of your recent trip ☺️.


      1. Elke dag se beterskap is ‘n stappie in die regte rigting, ne! Baie dankie Lolla, dit gaan goed hier … ons is nog so bietjie in onbekende “vaar water”, maar hopenlik sal alles binne die volgende week of twee meer duidelik wees. Intussen geniet ek die mooie Kaap (terwyl my man vir ‘n paar dae in Johannesburg werk) 😉.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read about my suburban stroll Marion. I think it was a bonus to meet the owner of this beautiful garden and house … we chatted for almost 2 hours, it was such a lovely visit to someone I don’t even know! We are definitely enjoying our time here – went for a lovely hike in a nearby nature reserve this morning and wow … Cape Town is such a beautiful city!


    1. Absolutely Jo … it’s amazing to see how the owners are taking care of their gardens in this neighbourhood. And you’re right, they’re friendly and welcoming – while I’m walking the streets up and down, everyone is greeting me and wanting to have a chat … a short walk is taking a really long time 😉.


    1. Elsabe, jy kyk fyn … dis ook een van die eerste dinge wat my opgeval het … geen heining/diefwering nie! Mens sien dit selde, ne?
      Ja, ons vriende se seun (en ons peetkind), het uitstekend gedoen met die kamera … ek dink ek moet hom met ons saamvat wanneer ons nou weer vertrek 😉.

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  1. Such a beautiful garden – I have always deeply admired people who are great at gardening! It takes a lot of hard work and know-how to keep the garden blooming especially as different plant species require different levels of care. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Yes, I have to agree with you Aiva … I think it takes someone who is really dedicated to his/her garden to keep it in such a lush and stunning condition ☺️. I don’t have green fingers at all, so I’m with you about admiring these gardeners! Thank you for enjoying this garden with me, have a great week.

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    1. Thank you so much Hannah. Oh yes, all those colours … it just puts one in an instant good mood 😁. Berto is doing well at his new job – he’s currently in Johannesburg to meet more new colleagues at the office there and on Friday we will fly to another new city (which will probably be our new home for the next year) …

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    1. Like you said Sarah – a true gardener. He’s so humble about his lovely garden and to hear all his interesting stories … it was just a “quick” two hour visit 😉. Yes, I do like the hibiscus flowers too – such a variety of colours!

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  2. Obviously the house and garden are both gorgeous, my congratulations to the owner, the writer 😉 and your photographer friend for their various roles in this post. But the thing that struck me the most was how friendly and welcoming the owner was in showing you around. I reckon not much of that goes on anymore in this day and age, so your post made me smile all the more.

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    1. Thank you so much Leighton ☺️. I must admit, I was surprised myself when he not only agreed that we can take photo’s, but also spent almost two hours chatting with me about his garden and his journey in life. It was such a feel good moment.

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    1. ‘n Mens kan net nie anders as om hier stil te staan vir ‘n paar oomblikke nie – dit is werklik so mooi soos dit op die foto’s lyk! O ja, ek het aan die eienaar verduidelik hoekom ek wil foto’s neem en hy was baie ingenome met die inskrywing 😊.

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    1. It’s stunning … I was blown away by the colour in this garden! And what a privilege to meet the owner of this house and garden – it was great to chat to him and to hear how proud he is of his garden 🌸.

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