Going … somewhere …

To be honest, these last three weeks were a whirlwind. The one moment we were still enjoying our quiet days in Langebaan and life’s slow pace in this beautiful seaside town (all while we were planning our next camping weekend).

The beautiful Langebaan lagoon

But, after one phone call, an on-line interview and some e-mails that were going back and forth … we were packing our bags to leave our beloved Langebaan on the West Coast.

This move will be for 12 months (Berto’s contract is for a year, but this might change – time will tell) and we’re not quite sure where we’re heading … we might go to Cape Town, Gauteng or even the Eastern Cape. Our life is truly an adventure …

During the next week or two, things will get clearer … but for now, we have packed 4 suitcases (for a year) and are staying with friends in Cape Town while Berto’s getting to know his new company … and, more importantly, where are we going to live for the next year!

Before we left Langebaan, we took one last stroll on the beach at the lagoon. We will miss our most favourite place in South Africa … but hopefully will be able to explore new places (and also share these with you).

Come and enjoy a walk along our beautiful Langebaan lagoon:

Absolute tranquility along the lagoon

Although it is already fall here in South Africa and temperatures are a bit cooler, we still saw people enjoying the sun – whether it was on the white sandy beach or at the beach cafés.

People enjoying the sun
Colourful flags flapping in the light breeze

There were not much wind and the waves were probably not big enough for surfing, but some of the younger guys did try to ‘ride’ a few of the smaller waves. We also saw a guy taking his kayak out on the lagoon … perfect weather for relaxing in the water!

Sometimes, while we’re walking on the beach, it’s also good to look down to see the lovely shells. I’m always amazed to see that no shell is the same, unique in its own way.

Colourful spiral shell

Should you want to take an easier walk along the lagoon, there is the opportunity to enjoy a lovely stretch of boardwalk. There are also some benches where you can sit down while looking over the lagoon.

Boardwalk along the lagoon

Normally, after a walk on the beach, we would find our way to one of the restaurants/bars on the beach to enjoy a cold drink. Today, on our last day of enjoying the lagoon views, we headed over to Roxi Beach bar to enjoy a “bye for now” drink.

Enjoying a last cocktail and beer at Roxy Beach bar

It is with mixed feelings that we’re leaving Langebaan … we will miss the beauty of this West Coast seaside town, but we’re also excited to explore new places … where ever this might be. For us, it’s a new chapter in our life journey – let the adventure begins!

Greeted by a beautiful sunrise the morning we left Langebaan

60 thoughts on “BYE-BYE LANGEBAAN (for now)

  1. Wishing you both the best of luck! Moving is always traumatic especially when new employment is part of the package but with you adventuresome spirits I know you will find much to explore. Best wishes to Berto as well.

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    1. Thank you so much Carolyn! That’s true … leaving our comfortable space and going to a new city, was/is quite a mind shift! But like you said, we are looking forward to explore new places and meeting new people – Berto ‘survived’ his first two days at his new company (and he’s still smiling ☺️). We can’t wait to see where we’re going, but where ever it might be … we are grabbing this with both hands!

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  2. Wow… how exciting to be waiting to find out what precisely life’s next chapter is. Congratulations to you both, I hope you get a good location that brings many more new travels. And, most importantly, where you’ll feel safe and settled. I can well imagine the mixed emotions you felt in Langebaan but hey, life is a journey excited to find out where it leads you…

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    1. Thanks Leighton. We are also hoping for a good location … but where ever it might be, we’re sure it will be just perfect! Life is indeed a journey and we’re ready to embrace this new adventure (hopefully camping will be part of it 😉). We appreciate your encouraging words.


    1. Thank you so much Marion 🌸. To be honest, it’s not quite what we were expecting … but when an opportunity presents itself, one should not be afraid to seize it. Between me and you … I’m also hoping for the ocean 😉.

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    1. Ja Aletta, eintlik voel dit op hierdie stadium net of ons bietjie met vakansie is en binnekort weer terug gaan Langebaan toe 😊. Berto spandeer nog die week in die Kaap en volgende week gaan hy vir ‘n paar dae Johannesburg toe … ons neem aan die besluit waarheen ons moet gaan, sal dan seker geneem word. Die vlug kaartjies Oos-London toe is nog daar vir volgende week … tyd sal leer … en ons is geduldig 🌸.


    1. That’s so true Aiva – a day at the beach is always a good day! The turquoise water of the lagoon is such a beautiful sight … it almost make me think I’m on an island, busy enjoying a summer holiday 🌞. Hope your week is a good one too, take care. Corna 🌸.

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    1. Ai liewe Toortsie … ons is ook nuuskierig om te weet! Hierdie week is ons in die Kaap, volgende week vlieg Berto vir ‘n paar dae Johannesburg toe en dan vlieg ons Oos-London toe vir twee weke – so, die besluit is nog nie geneem nie (ons dink ons weet in watter rigting, maar ons wag geduldig) 😄. Ons hoop darem om nou en dan vir ‘n naweek in Langebaan te gaan ‘kuier’ … dit bly huis! O ja, hierdie was heeltemal onbeplan – die Here se hand is so duidelik hierin en ons (probeer) gehoorsaam wees (dis mos maar soms effe moeilik).

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      1. Dis wat so opwindend is wanneer jy die Here se pad loop. Hy ken mos die pad. Hy sien die hele prentjie. Jy hoef dit net te geniet! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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      2. O ja … ek bid net dat ons ore en oe oop sal wees vir wat Hy vir ons wil he. Soms wil ons mos die ‘ander’ pad kies (omdat dit makliker lyk), maar dis juis dan wanneer ons op ons kniee moet wees en seker maak ons volg Sy wil 🙏🏻. Dankie vir jou bemoedigende woorde.

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  3. Oe, daardie lagoon foto is mooi. sjoe… onbekende paaie. ‘n Geloofsreis, né. Dit is avontuurlik, maar soms kan onsekerheid aan mens knaag, veral as mens nie swart op wit weet wat die Here wil hê nie. Ek sien uit om te sien van watter deel vd land ons nou fotos gaan sien! 😉

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    1. Daardie lagoon is prentjie mooi … die kleure van turkoois en groen, dis eiland mooi! Elsabe, die afgelope paar jaar is ons lewe al ‘n geloofsreis – soms is dit maklik, maar ander kere is dit ook moeilik … en dan is dit daardie groot toets van glo en vertrou. Ons hoop om binnekort daardie nuwe paaie te verken en sal julle op hoogte hou 🌸.

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  4. Looks like a lovely walk, so I can see why you will miss it. But I love the spirit of adventure with which you approach this coming year! I look forward to seeing where it takes you and seeing new parts of your beautiful country through your eyes 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Sarah 😊. Sometimes we feel brave and adventurous and other times it takes a little effort to convince ourselves that it’s good to get out of our comfort zone … but we’re certainly excited to see what’s in store for us (and eager to discover new hiking trails and maybe even a wild camping spot)!

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    1. Thank you so much Linda! Oh yes, we are certainly excited to explore the ‘new things’ that’s waiting for us … and I’m sure we’ll make time to visit our beloved Langebaan during the next year 🌸.

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    1. And that’s exactly the way we should see it … ‘an adventure’! Thank you Diana, we will certainly show you more of another part of our country – it may differ a lot from where we were, but would definitely have its own beauty to showcast!

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  5. Wishing you the best of luck with the move 😊 however unsettling or hard a move might be, the are always amazing opportunities accompanying a move. May it be a place that you like. Can’t wait to hear (read) your updates. Good luck to you both.

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    1. Thank you so much 🌸. You’re absolutely right, one has to see (and grab) the new opportunities that comes your way. I’m sure we’ll like where ever we’re going to stay … we normally do – make the best of each situation 😉. Thank you for your encouraging words, we hope to soon share more of a different beauty of our country.


    1. That’s true Henrietta … Langebaan is one of the most beautiful seaside towns on the West Coast (of course I’m biased now 😉) and we already missing the beauty of this town. But we will have the opportunity to go back there every now and then for a weekend, so at least it’s not forever! Thank you for your wishes – it’s much appreciated 🌞.

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  6. Wow what a turn of events! Life is an adventure. I love the way the two of you roll. I would imagine saying goodbye to such a beautiful part of our country is a sad thing. I know that you can visit but there is nothing like being so close to the lagoon. Still miss it. I know we mentioned may be meeting up. I still would like that only don’t know about my chaotic life 🙈. I have hurt my ankle again and have to rest it and keep my ankle guard on which is very frustrating with our packing.
    You mentioned that you left with four suitcases. I can imagine what that feels like. I hope everything is going well and that you are blessed on the next leg of your journey 🤗🤗💐

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    1. Life is indeed an adventure … and yours will start shortly! We are quite amazed how things worked out – Berto didn’t even applied for the job (though his CV was somewhere in the ‘cloud’). We were discussing the year ahead in January and felt we were ready for a new challenge … and 5 months later, here we are! I already miss the lagoon … at least there is that little glimmer of hope that it’s only a short flight away. So, you can probably read between the lines that we are not close to Langebaan (or Cape Town) … I’m afraid I don’t think we will have that coffee together before you two leave 😔. I’m so sorry to read about your ankle – I can understand how frustrating it must be for you … but try and rest it well (have lots of coffee/tea breaks)!
      We are looking forward to our next adventure – it surely will take some time to adjust, but we are grabbing the opportunity with both hands!!


      1. Yes, definitely worth an early rise to catch those scenes….and lots more sunrises for you to look forward to when your summer comes back around 🌅✨

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