Birthday celebrations!

We are not often going out to restaurants … I mean, there is a husband that loves the inside of our kitchen (and his food is good too)!

But when a special person is celebrating her birthday (my mom), we decided it’s a good time to enjoy a night out … at a special place.

A view over the Langebaan lagoon from our table at the Shark Bay Hotel & Spa

The Shark Bay Hotel & Spa in Langebaan probably has THE best view in town to enjoy a meal. It is situated on the edge of the lagoon which provides lovely views … on a clear day (like this specific day we were there), you can actually see the well-known Table Mountain a 100km away!

While Berto ordered a whiskey and my mom a glass of red wine, I enjoyed a glass of gin (produced locally).

A fun glass of gin

The front of the hotel has big glass windows and you can enjoy the views literally from anywhere in the hotel.

While enjoying our drinks, we walked out on the deck to enjoy the sun setting. The unspoiled West Coast National Park is on the doorstep of the hotel and the white sandy beach of Shark Bay is just across the (quiet) road.

Views over the lagoon towards the West Coast National Park

Should you want to stay over at The Shark Bay Hotel & Spa, there are 15 luxurious rooms to choose from. The gourmet restaurant, exclusive bar, wine cellar and relaxing spa are adding finishing touches to this lovely place.

A well-equipped bar with some of the best wines to choose from
Beautiful setting for celebrating a birthday

As for our food … ah well, it was delicious! Beautiful plated and really well prepared. I always enjoy a plate of food that looks almost too pretty to eat!

The starter – pastry rolls filled with peppadew and cheese with a mayo dip (there were three rolls to start with …)
Deep fried hake & veggies for the birthday girl
Berto enjoyed chocolate mousse & ice-cream for dessert
Both my mom and I couldn’t resist the Dom Pedro

We had a really lovely evening. It’s such a privilege to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her and to treat her with a special evening out. Shark Bay Hotel & Spa was definitely the perfect place for such a special celebration.

Just to emphasize the beauty of the Shark Bay area … here are a couple of pictures of Shark Bay beach opposite the Shark Bay Hotel & Spa. It’s a great place to go for a walk along the lagoon and enjoy nature.

Shark Bay beach

46 thoughts on “SHARK BAY HOTEL & SPA, Langebaan

  1. We don’t eat out often either, but it’s nice to do it once in awhile to shake things up or to celebrate something or someone. The Shark Bay Hotel looks amazing. Both the views and the food are mouth wateringly delicious.

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    1. I agree, once in a while it’s good to just sit back and enjoy a lovely dinner (and not worry about the washing of the dishes 😁). And we were so impressed with this restaurant – from the service to the food and views, just splendid!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah, I think you will like this place … no wild camping and all the lovely amenities you can think of! It might be a tad expensive for us here in South Africa, but I think for you guys with your strong currency, it will be a great deal. It’s about 150 GBP per night per room (and that is for the luxurious room looking over the lagoon).

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    1. Yes, I agree … if we need to stay in a hotel, we will also look out for the boutique hotels. Thanks, my mum appreciates your wishes – I think she quite enjoyed the fuss the staff made of her because of her birthday 😉.


    1. Ah, thanks Lisa 💌. It was indeed a great evening out – good company and great food. I think my mom enjoyed the evening tremendously … everybody made a fuss about her and how good she looks for her age 😉. Definitely the perfect setting for a special person!

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    1. Dit is besonder mooi daar Aletta. Ons het dit al baie van buite gesien op ons stappies daar verby, maar was aangenaam verras met die binnekant … en natuurlik hulle kos! Baie dankie vir jou wense, my ma het dit vreeslik geniet 🌸.


  2. Wow-what a wonderful place to celebrate your mom’s Birthday! There’s nothing better than staying at a beachfront hotel with a full-service spa and outdoor pool 🙂 I hope she had a memorable day – another year around the sun is always something to celebrate:) Aiva

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    1. Indeed Aiva, a beautiful place to celebrate a special person’s birthday (and a privilege to enjoy this day with my mom). I think I should visit their spa one day … 😉. I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Thank you so much Tricia. Oh yes, it was the perfect place to celebrate the special person my mom is to us! I can sit on the deck of that hotel and just watch the lagoon for hours – it’s a mind calmer (if there is such a word 😊).

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  3. Corna, this place looks awesome. The location, the interior design… that amazing food. I think mum deserves such a dinner setting for her birthday. I was skimming the comments section and wow, 150 GBP per night is fantastic value. You’d barely get a shoebox in London for that. By the way, you mentioned Table Mountain and just this morning my brother climbed up the rocks to the summit with an experienced adventure guide. He’s been in SA for the past three weeks and is raving about it.

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    1. Thank you Leighton, it is such a beautiful place – you’re right, my mom certainly deserved it! Well, I can guarantee you … these hotel rooms are MUCH bigger than a shoebox 😁 (and even about 50 GBP cheaper during the week). I’m happy to hear your brother’s enjoying his time in South Africa (while conquering Table Mountain – wow) … the weather is perfect the last couple of weeks and the time to visit this side of the country is now!

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    1. It is such a lovely hotel … well, I think the views definitely adds to the hotel being so great! Our summer is now slowly “departing”, but winter is not that bad here in South Africa (or that long), so we’ll enjoy the few cold months before spring arrives in September again! I hope your summer days on the beach are just around the corner!

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    1. Thanks Hannah! Good food (and gin) definitely makes everything just so much better 😉. But in all honesty, it’s a really lovely place … surely everything you expect from a luxurious boutique hotel.


    1. It’s a really lovely place … the views, the service and the food … a special place for a special birthday! Well, all you have to do, is to buy your flight ticket – we’ll sponsor the outing to the hotel 😉.


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