In today’s post, we are taking you to Fairy land … whether you believe in fairies or not, this is a lovely place to visit.

In a previous post of last year (you can read about it here), we briefly mentioned Fairy and Pixie Village in Jacobs Bay. Recently though, I decided to treat my mom and her sister on a visit to Jacobs Bay’s famous fairy site … you’re never too old to admire fairies.

Entrance to Fairy and Pixie Village at Jacobs Bay

According to a website, Pixie Maritz grew up on a farm “Mpanza” in KwaZulu-Natal. As a young girl she would spent many hours in the forests and rivers looking for the mythical river fairies from traditional Zulu folklore. Throughout her life, she has been fascinated by the silent world of fairies and pixies. The farm has been incorporated into the Zulu Kingdom and there’s not much left of it today.

In the meantime, ‘Mama Pixie’ (as she is now known) moved to Jacobs Bay and created her own Fairy and Pixie Village … let’s have a stroll through her wonder world …

(In case you wonder about the “green shade” of the photo’s: The village is covered by a big green net which have an influence on the quality of the pictures … let’s say it’s “fairy dust” ☺️).

There are several small ponds and the sound of rippling water is soothing to your ears
There are several castles in the tiny village
One of the castle’s inhabitants
I did find a lovely fairy
Even old Gulliver is present in the Fairy and Pixie Village
Here we have Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
‘Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’

There are so much more to see here … there is literally a fairy or dwarf around every little corner. But for now, we will conclude with these two …

Once you’re outside the village, there are more little statues, like Grandma and Grandpa and their dog. There is also a small nursery with wonderful little plants, as well as lots of succulents on sale.

Grandma, Grandpa and their dog – there is so much detail here
The sign directing us towards Fairy and Pixie Village
More colourful flowers

As we walked out of Fairy and Pixie Village, I noticed a sign for a labyrinth. That reminded me of the many labyrinths we walked on our Camino’s in Spain and Portugal.

The entrance to the labyrinth

What is a labyrinth?

It is from ancient origin, but is basically just a path laid out where you can walk slowly while quieting your mind. I normally use this time to think about everything I’m blessed with and at the end, I will say a thank you prayer (today I’m thankful to do this scenic trip with my mom and aunt).

The West Coast Labyrinth
Interesting “wild life” on the labyrinth
The centre of the labyrinth

After our visit to the Fairy and Pixie Village, I decided to treat my mom and aunt with something to drink at the pleasant little bay of Jacobs Bay.

The view of the restaurant at Jacobs Bay

We enjoyed our hot drinks in a sunny spot at the little bay and decided to take one last walk along the beach before returning back home.

Last view of the bay at Jacobs Bay

It was a lovely morning with my mom and aunt. We enjoyed our visit to Fairy land (taking us back to our childhood), as well as the beauty of Jacobs Bay.

Before we got back in the car, we dusted off our clothes to make sure that all the fairies stayed in Jacobs Bay ☺️.


  1. Takes me back to my childhood too! I wonder do children read fairy stories these days? One of my aunts had a pixie statue in her garden and every spring it had to be re-painted to keep him smart. Jacob’s Bay looks lovely.

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    • I wonder too Carolyn … I still have a couple of my childhood books with fairy tales. O yes, Jacobs Bay is indeed a lovely seaside village – normally quiet during the year, until our summer holiday starts in December. We love going there during the quieter times.

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    • I like them too Jo! It seems grandma is trying to hide a bottle of (well, something) and grandpa is going somewhere with his little bundle of stuff by his feet. I really enjoyed these two … one can create a master story by just looking at them!!

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    • Soms is dit lekker om net so bietjie te vergeet van die werklikhede van die ou wereld, is dit nie? Terwyl ons daar was, was daar ook ‘n familie met 2 kleintjies – ek het hulle gesiggies en kommentaar vreeslik geniet!

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  2. How enchanting Corna and I’m sure your mum and aunt (are they sisters?) loved being taken there and seeing all the beautiful statues of fairies and pixies and Grandma and Grandad are such a delight! The sweeping Jacobs Bay looks gorgeous too and a lovely place to visit. I expect it’s a popular place to go in summer.

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    • Marion, that’s the word I was looking for while typing this post … enchanting – it’s an enchanting forest! Yes, they are sisters and love visiting each other – it was great to treat them a bit with something so simple, yet so beautiful!
      Jacobs Bay is a sleepy village during the year, but during summer it’s THE place to be! Probably another of those pristine places on the West Coast, but I think it’s been “discovered” by many people during the last couple of years. Hope you have a good week ahead of you … sunshine maybe 🌞?

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    • Absolutely Christie! I was taken back to my childhood storybooks and noticed that my mom and aunt (who is in their 60’s en 70’s) enjoyed it just as much … at the same time a family with 2 little kids also visited the village and the children’s reactions were priceless 😊.

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  3. Ag ek het hierdie nou sommer baie geniet. Dankie. Dit laat my terugdink aan ‘n feëtjiewêrekd wat ek en my dogter in Swellendam besoek het. Ek wonder of hulle nog bestaan?
    Sjoe, die kunstige skepper van hierdie een wat jy vandag wys, het omtrent baie moeite gedoen. Baie detail.

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    • Toortsie, dit was heerlik om so klein bietjie te ontsnap van die werklikheid en net te ‘ooh’ en ‘aah’ 😁. Jy’s reg, daar is besonder baie moeite gedoen … en die feetjies het aangegroei vandat ons ‘n jaar terug daar was. Behalwe dat grootmense (meestal vroue) dit baie geniet, is dit ‘n wonderwereld vir die kinders.

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    • Haha Phil 😅, I don’t blame you! When I told Berto about the excursion the previous day, he asked whether there will be a beer and I said probably not … enough reason for him to stay at home! I also watched a family visiting while we were there and the dad was there for maybe 5 minutes before he went outside to look at the plants …

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    • O gaats, nou’t ek ook vir Dawie die Kabouter in my kop 🙃. By ons vorige besoek laasjaar hier, het ons vir Mama Pixie ontmoet … ons het haar stories vreeslik geniet en sy kan tereg trots wees op die plekkie wat sy so ver weg van haar familie plaas in KwaZulu-Natal geskep het!

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  4. Thank you Corna for a lovely share💕🌸 Such a beautiful and enchanted world. I especially love your attitude of gratitude, lovely encouragement to count our blessings. Jacobs Bay is beautiful!

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    • I’m so happy you enjoyed this post Henrietta. Yes, to share this magical world of fairies with my mom and aunt made me felt very privileged. Jacobs Bay is definitely a wonderful gem here on the West Coast … a great place to visit and enjoy nature. Hope you’re having a great week 🌼.

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      • I can’t seem to reply to your two last post Corna. I can “like” your post but not “comment” The comment field does not open up for me to leave a comment.
        Please see below comments for the following posts:
        SHARK BAY HOTEL & SPA, Langebaan. The views are spectacular. Happy birthday to your mom, I’m sure she had a great one.

        WILD CAMPING, Groenrivier (2) another amazing post showing of such beautiful sunsets, the red succulent, so beautiful and I’m sure the food tasted really good. Great shares

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      • Thank you for taking the time to try and comment Henrietta 🌸.
        I’ve checked the comment sections on both these posts and it seems ok …. but oh, sometimes WP have these glitches (it took me a long time yesterday to try and get our post about the wild camping up too) … one day all seems fine and the next it’s a struggle!
        Your comment on Shark Bay Hotel & Spa: Those views are truly amazing – we couldn’t choose a better place for my mom’s birthday!
        Your comment on our Wild Camping: Wow, the sunsets along the West Coast are so beautiful (it seems we just can’t get enough of it) 😊. There were literally hundreds of those red succulent – I wish I knew plants better, then I could at least give it a name! Hmm, the food was good (as always) … this time, we had the opportunity of tasting a couple of different people’s dishes (I think Berto also enjoyed it 😉).
        Thank you once again for your comments – even though you couldn’t do it on the other posts, it’s much appreciated!

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    • Thank you Linda. It was indeed a fun-filled morning … loved my mom and aunt’s reactions to all the fairies … for a moment there, they were small children on the farm where they grew up 🌸. And as you may know by now, a stroll along the beach here on the West Coast is always a winner!

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  5. It’s nice to be able to take your mum on an outing like this. I find the fairy village a bit twee for my taste but I do always like to see examples of someone creating something out of a passion like this! The beach walk looks more like my thing, I have to say – a lovely bay!

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    • That’s the thing Sarah, I was really impressed with how Mama Pixie was trying to re-create her childhood memories (absolutely, she has quite a passion for this) … and I was trying my utmost best to remember my fairytale book characters 😊. That bay is beautiful – during summer in December it’s packed with people … it was actually great to have it all for ourselves!

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    • Oh my Hannah! My favourite doll, when I was small, was a “baby angel doll” (that was in the 80’s and not sure whether they were so famous outside of South Africa). Every little girl wanted one … they looked like real babies … but I presume you would have stayed far away 🙂.
      But thanks, it was a lot of fun … though I’m still not so sure whether there are real fairies out there …


    • It’s a bit like going back to your childhood! There went quite a lot of effort into the layout of the labyrinth … again, so much detail. Thanks Maggie for reading and your welcome thoughts as always.


  6. A fun and undemanding place to wile away an afternoon. Definitely one for the family or kids. I find most of the gnomes too kitschy, but then the grandma and grandpa creations seem a step above, as you say, in colour, detail and overall design. I really like the idea of having a quiet walk in the labyrinth, gathering your thoughts and saying a prayer. What a lovely moment in the day. However, I think the views across Jacob Bay at the end steal the show. Another worthy piece to your canon, Corna.

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    • While we were there, a family visited the Fairy village … the kids had a ball of a time (but dad sat outside and looked at the plants). So, I presume some places are not for everyone 😉. Yes, I did enjoy the labyrinth – it’s a good way of going into the “slow lane” and be appreciative of the simple, yet important things in life.
      The bay in Jacobs Bay is lovely … packed in summer time, but empty and such a bliss on this autumn morning with our visit. Thanks for reading Leighton, have a great week.

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    • Mischievous you say … then it’s indeed a good thing I left them in Jacobs Bay 😊. Thank you Tricia, it was a fun visit and Jacobs Bay is such a little gem so close to our home – we should go there more often!

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    • Oh yes Ruth, I remember now that we drove through Matamata on the North Island of New Zealand in 2019 and saw all these tiny houses … it was only afterwards that we realised it was created for the Hobbit films. Of course, the Fairy and Pixie Village is not coming close to this – but it was a great outing 😊.

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