While camping at Elands Bay recently (you can read about it here), we decided to visit Vensterklip Guest Farm which is just about 5km from Elands Bay.

Back in 2016, we have camped here for one night and thought it would be a great idea to re-visit Vensterklip.

Vensterklip Guest Farm & Restaurant is situated on a stretch of water known as Verlorenvlei, which is one of the largest wetlands along the West Coast of South Africa and the only coastal fresh water lake in the country.

We have opted for breakfast at Vensterklip and took many photo’s, while we also visited the ‘Rooi Stoor’ Farm Stall on the premises. (Loosely translated ‘Rooi Stoor’ means Red Barn).

The garden at Vensterklip where we enjoyed our breakfast

There is a choice of accommodation at Vensterklip, ranging from beautifully restored historic cottages (dating from the early 1800’s), to quaint little cottages, backpackers’ accommodation as well as camping.

Robertson House with its 3 bedrooms is one of the restored historic farmhouses and ideal for a family booking

If you’re fond of succulents, you will find Vensterklip the perfect place! We have seen so many varieties of succulents and other decorations in the garden … it’s an absolute pleasure to stroll through the garden.

We had only two options (*) for breakfast – an omelette or farm breakfast. We both chosen the farm breakfast with coffee and a latte which we enjoyed … partially thanks to the beautiful views.

  • Update – December 2022: The Tin Kitchen Restaurant have expanded their breakfast menu and there are now many other options to choose from.
Enjoying my latte
Farm breakfast

After we enjoyed our breakfast, we took a leisurely walk through the garden and were surprised with all the detail.

Here is a series of pictures we took on our walk:

Another succulent at the entrance of the restaurant
The inside of the restaurant
Decorated lighting
Flowers on an outside table looking beautiful in the morning sunlight
There is also a pub at Vensterklip – Old Dirkie’s Pub
The restaurant is called Tin Kitchen. Here is the menu (with very reasonable prices)
There are even chickens – maybe we enjoyed their eggs earlier at breakfast

It is such a treat to walk through the Rooi Stoor Farm Stall – it’s packed with farm produce, hand-made articles, arts, preserves, Rooibos tea products, sweets and gifts galore!

The Rooi Stoor Farm Stall is surrounded by old wagons
Preserves, rusks and cookies
More sweets … oh, what to choose!
An outside sitting area at the Rooi Stoor – probably to enjoy all those sweets you just bought!

We enjoyed our visit at Vensterklip thoroughly! If you’re local and this lovely place is on your road, pop in and enjoy the beauty. You will be surprised at how relaxed you’ll feel after a visit.

A final view towards the natural wetlands

45 thoughts on “VENSTERKLIP GUEST FARM (Elands Bay)

  1. Vensterklip Guest Farm looks like a wonderful place to stop by. I love the views from an outside sitting area at the Rooi Stoor, the collection of antique bottles and all the vintage farm implements that are dotted about. There’s something nostalgic and romantic about old stone buildings, gaily painted doors and wooden benches. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Absolutely Aiva, it’s a really nice place to have a bite to eat and to wander in their beautiful garden. Oh yes, I love the rustic element that Vensterklip has to offer … I agree, there’s definitely a nostalgic and romantic aura here (that’s why they also host weddings). Thanks for reading and your lovely comments as always 🌸.

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    1. O ja, ek onthou een van jou blog posts het foto’s gehad van julle besoek by die Rooi Stoor. Hulle het baie moeite gedoen met die hele opset daar – van hulle restaurant tot verskillende akkommodasie geriewe. En die tuin is ‘n heerlikheid van mooi hoekies!

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    1. Ah, I’m glad you enjoyed another of our posts Carolyn ☺️. Where to next … well, a visit to fairy village is coming up in our next post and then another wild camping adventure up the West Coast … and somewhere we should do another long distance hike as well 👀.

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    1. Yes, it’s definitely a farm feeling when one is visiting Vensterklip. More and more venues in South Africa have combined the restaurant/deli/accommodation concept … and it’s certainly a winning recipe here under travellers. ‘Cracker Barrel’ is an interesting name – it’s almost the same as the chain restaurants we have here in SA, called ‘Cattle Baron’.


    1. I think one can take a 100 photo’s and still will find something new! It’s amazing how creative the Vensterklip team is with all of their decorations … no wonder this is a popular spot for special birthday celebrations and weddings!

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  2. The views from Vensterklip Guest Farm and Rooi Stoor look stunning Corna and it’s also a lovely photo of you in your sundress ready for breakfast. It looks a great place to either stay or stop by for a meal and to pick up some deli items. Is it usual to be served chips with breakfast in South Africa or just there?

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    1. It is indeed a beautiful place to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life (or even from small town craziness 😉). Thanks for the compliment … I live in that dress during summer months (it might be the oldest item in my wardrobe, but I love it). No, it’s not unusual to have chips for breakfast … if it’s not on the menu, you can ask for it … it seems South Africans like their chips, whether it’s early I the morning or late in the evening 😄.

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  3. What a lovely and quaint place Vensterklip Guest Farm is. I love all the vintage details and decorations, the garden is wonderful too. It’s not often that we get to see you or Berto. That’s a wonderful shot of you, you look happy and relaxed. I’m sure I would’ve come away from the shop with packs of Darling sweets and an antique bottle or two.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Leighton. Vensterklip Guest Farm is a great place to unwind – it’s almost like going back in time. Oh yes, when we visit (any) place and there are Darling sweets on sale, a packet ends up in our basket 😉 (and Rooibos tea … I’m a huge fan of tea).

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    1. Jy’s reg Dries. Dis so mooi gerestoureer, maar die “plaas gevoel” het gelukkig nie verlore gegaan nie. Ek sal beslis nie omgee om ‘n naweek daar te bly nie … en blykbaar is dit ‘n voelkyker paradys met al die verskillende voels wat in die vleiland is (dink net watter mooi foto’s kan jy daar neem ☺️).

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    1. Oh, I’m glad you liked it too Hannah! I was really impressed with how the owners ‘renovated’ the houses, but at the same time, were still trying to keep it to its original structure.


    1. Oh yes, I love the succulents too! – there are just so many different varieties! While we were enjoying breakfast, there were a group celebrating a 60th birthday … it definitely seems like a popular place for special anniversaries.

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    1. Great, I’m glad you noticed the sign as well ☺️. It is such a lovely saying! Definitely a place we will return to again – maybe even sleeping in one of those beautifully restored historic houses.


    1. We are very fortunate to have a couple of wonderful places close by! To be quite honest, it’s difficult to decide where to go next … we want to see new places, but we also want to go back to all those lovely places we’ve been to 😄. Thank you for your lovely comments about our photo’s, it’s much appreciated 🌸.

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  4. The place looks so inviting. l love the views, the beautifully restored historic cottages and the succulents that are everywhere decorated. It all adds to a lovely warm and yet old charm look. Stunning 💕🌸

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    1. This is a really lovely place Henrietta. One can clearly see that a lot of time and effort went into decorating Vensterklip … and still trying to keep that old charm/farm look, well achieved I would say. Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments 🌸.

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