Nr 4 of … 10 FUN THINGS TO DO IN LANGEBAAN (South Africa)


You might have noticed by now that the lagoon is the center of most activities in Langebaan … that is to be expected with such a beautiful stretch of calm water and white sandy beaches.

In this particular post, we will have a final look at the types of entertainment that involves the lagoon (the next posts will take you to drier land) … but don’t worry water babies – there are more – but for now, we will have to conclude with these (otherwise “10 fun things”, might end up in “20 fun things” 😊).

SWIMMING (or just relaxing at the beach):

On hot summer days, tourists will flock early morning to the beaches of Langebaan. On those days, the long sandy beaches at the lagoon are filled with colorful sun umbrellas and gazebo’s … fun times with family and friends!

Our gazebo is perfect for a sunny day on the beach
With a pristine beach like this, you want to be here on a sunny day!

As mentioned before, the lagoon is ideal for safe swimming. The water is shallow and has no currents. You will find a number of good restaurants within walking distance, as well as curio and other shops … it spells out FAMILY TIME!

It’s not just humans that enjoys the water, our furry friends do as well


The Langebaan Yacht Club is on the edge of the lagoon and provides recreational amenities for members (like boating, sailing, kayaking, etc.) You will also find a beautiful Marina at Club Mykonos Resort with walk-on moorings for all manner of watercraft (yachts, ski boats, rubber ducks, etc.)

The beautiful Marina at Club Mykonos Resort
The yachts sometimes come quite close to the beach

Another popular spot to launch boats and rubber ducks are close to the main beach – it can get quite busy here during high season.

A busy day of launching boats into the lagoon

So, whether you want to swim, relax on the beach or take your boat out on the lagoon … Langebaan is the place for you!

And then … after all the excitement of the day, you will be fortunate to end your day with a beautiful sunset

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