Nr 2 & 3 of … 10 FUN THINGS TO DO IN LANGEBAAN (South Africa)



The Langebaan lagoon has good wind reliability for watersports like windsurfing (and kitesurfing). It varies from very rough to just a breeze. The months to catch the best winds are probably from November until the end of March.

The Cape Sports Centre is just one of many places in Langebaan to book lessons for windsurfing and enjoy a day out on either the calm waters of the lagoon or at high speed, flat water blasting!

A windsurfer enjoys a windy day on the Langebaan lagoon


Langebaan is known as one of the best and most popular kitesurfing locations in South Africa – the lagoon has beautiful soft, sandy bottoms and has the perfect entry conditions for beginners as well as freestylers.

Of course, you need a bit of wind to practice this hobby, so the best months to visit Langebaan for kitesurfing will be in the summer months (November – March), with the prime kitesurfing time being December and January.

A busy day for kitesurfers on the main beach of Langebaan lagoon
On the perfect day, the colourful sails of the kitesurfers are visible from far

The most popular spots for kitesurfers, are the main beach and Shark Bay. Hobie Beach (further north of the main beach) is a quieter alternative for the real freestylers on those windy days.

Once again, there are multiple choices for kitesurf lessons. Have a look at Kite Lab, Windtown Kite School, Kitesurfing Langebaan, Windchasers and High Palms Kite School.

A fantastic day at Shark Bay for the kitesurfers


Fishing from the shore in Langebaan is very popular as it is safe and provides a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. Of course, you can also take your boat out and explore the lagoon and ocean for that “catch of the day”.

If you don’t own a boat, but would like to go out on the lagoon or sea, you will find local charter companies, such as Captain Jack Fishing Charters and Langebaan Fishing Charters.

You can expect to catch the following fish: Stumps, Elf, Kob and Steenbra … but even if you don’t catch a fish, it is still great to take your fishing rod and relax on the shore or on your boat in the calm waters of the lagoon …

Eager fishermen on the main beach of the Langebaan lagoon


There is one more water sport, that is starting to grow in popularity that we have not mentioned in our main post … which is SUP (stand up paddle boarding).

Langebaan lagoon is a great place to learn to SUP as it is relatively sheltered … bring your own board and come and enjoy this fun thing to do in Langebaan!

SUP is a fun water activity on the Langebaan lagoon


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  1. I have never surfed in any of it’s many forms but this looks like great fun. I think I might just sit on that lovely beach with a few cans of Castle and watch the young, fit people doing it.

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