After last night’s celebrations, it was now very quiet in the streets of Leon. Once again, we needed to concentrate on the Camino arrows to find our way out of Leon – fortunately we were in a group and together we were able to leave Leon behind without too much difficulty.


The streets of Leon during early morning

The Parador Hotel which feature in the movie The Way. We saw some pilgrims leaving the hotel – they must have had a good night’s sleep 😊

We took the alternative route, which is not the most scenic one, but we wanted to overnight in San Martin del Camino and therefore had to take this road.


We saw these “hobbit houses” outside Leon – Raul (our Spanish pilgrim friend) said they might be use to store wine, called “bodegas” … or something else 😃 … anyway, it was cute!

I must admit that I did not really remembered the detail of this road. Instead of looking around and take photo’s, we rather spent time chatting to each other. We had some serious conversations about how each of us approaches life. It was also of great value to hear how everyone handles obstacles that crosses their paths … we can learn so much from one another.

Lesson learnedMake time to listen to people – this may add value to your life


Many stork nests on top of the bell tower

It was another hot day and we tried not to waste too much time by stopping somewhere on the road, but rather pushed on to get to San Martin del Camino. It was also a quiet day as it was a public holiday before Easter weekend commence. We enjoyed the calmness after the busy city of Leon and were looking forward to more days like these.


Less than 300km to Santiago … the yellow arrow indicates that we are still going in the right direction

San Martin del Camino is a very small town and with one main road going through the town, it was very easy to find our albergue, La Casa Verde. It was also painted in a bright green color!

Our “hospitalerio” (hostess of the albergue) was very friendly and allocated one big room to all of us – we are after all a Camino family. We were very happy when she offered to prepare dinner for us. We bought fruit from the small local shop around the corner and made a big bowl of fruit salad for dessert.


Gloria and Javier joined me to prepare the fruit salad

For the remainder of the afternoon, we moved to the lovely back garden of the albergue. After we finished our laundry, we opened a bottle of wine and just enjoyed each other’s company.

The dinner prepared by our “hospitalerio” was delicious and we had a good time around the table. We chatted until late that evening while drinking (more) wine. A wonderful way to end our day on the Camino.

Pre-snacks on the table … jamon, cheese and bread. Main meal: chicken, salad and (more) bread


Our Camino family: Javier, Gloria, Raul, his 2 children (Diego & Gabriella) and Monica


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