±2.0km (for Corna – I was staying in Burgos to give my feet a rest)
31.8km (for Berto – he continued walking)

As I was trying to get off my upper bank bed, I’ve realized that I would have found it very difficult to walk today … again reassurance that it was the right decision to stay in Burgos.

I’ve walked down with Berto to see him off at the front door of the albergue … and then it dawned on me: I was now alone in a foreign country with our only hope on a bus to bring us together again in 2 days’ time … how’s that for trust 🤔

At least Conchi and Pili were still with me and I’ve left the albergue with them at 7:30 to have breakfast in the café just opposite the albergue. They were sad to leave the Camino, but it was now time for them to get back to reality and normal life outside the Camino.


Me and Conchi together for the last time

I’ve accompanied them to the bus station (at least now I will know how to get there tomorrow). Conchi asked for information about the bus to Fromista the next day and was informed that I can buy the ticket at 13:00 that afternoon.

And so, two dear friends, Conchi and Pili, left Burgos on their bus back to their homes. I will always remember their friendship and kindness 😍

After asking for directions, I’ve found a medical center where pilgrims could get assistance. The lady at the reception desk however struggled to understand English as I was trying to explain my needs.

Eventually a young man came from the back and introduced himself as a doctor. He said that they are treating pilgrims from the EU for free (that’s probably what the reception lady was trying to explain to me). I’ve said that I was not an EU member, but that I do have medical insurance … but to my dismay my insurance documents were in my backpack at the albergue. And to walk back to get these and then back again to the medical center, would almost be impossible.

At this point, I think the doctor must have felt very sorry for me and he asked what problems I have. I’ve explained to him about my aching knee and blisters. Without further ado, he issued a prescription for me to get some tablets, ointment and a knee guard at a pharmacy – a free consultation. He also suggested that I should rest for at least 5 days … I did not bore him with the detail of the availability of only 2 days …

Lesson learnedDon’t ever doubt that there are people out there with goodness in their hearts!

I’ve spent quite a lot of money at the pharmacy, but were now almost happy that with my medication, I could probably continue with my Camino.

In the bathroom at the bus station, I’ve applied some ointment to my knee and then put on my new best friend – a very sporty knee guard 😁. Maybe it was all in my mind, but I could immediately feel that it was easier to walk … I was certain that with one more rest day, I will be back on the road again! I’ve bought my bus ticket to Fromista without any major problems and at 14:00 I was back at the albergue to check in.

Here are some photo’s that Berto took on his way to Hontanas – he was now walking towards the Meseta (this is the large and expansive flat plains of Spain).


Walking into the small town of Tardajos


Even the bicyclists were getting off their bikes for this downhill


The Meseta – in the summer time this flat part of the Camino can be as daunting as climbing a mountain! There is very little shade here – put on your sunscreen and carry plenty of water

I was fortunate to get a lower bunk bed and spent the rest of my afternoon lying on my bed and reading a book that I brought all the way from South Africa. The book, written by Francine Rivers, were almost a copy of my Camino … but that is a story for another day 🙂. I can just say that I was very pleased that I’ve chosen this book for my Camino (it was worth the extra 500g)!

I was doing exactly what the doctor prescribed – rest! I was only getting up to go to the bathroom, because I knew I had to rest my body now for the next couple of week’s walking that was lying ahead.

To my surprise I’ve got a phone call from Berto later that afternoon. He borrowed one of his fellow pilgrims’ cell phone to contact me. He arrived safe and sound in Hontanas and were staying in Albergue Juan de Yepes. I was really happy to hear from him and could hardly wait to join him again tomorrow afternoon.

Dinner time at Albergue Juan de Yepes


Berto and Deulet having a communal dinner at their albergue (The three wise men were also at this Albergue – they are sitting at the back 😊)

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