We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

March 2010 – Plettenberg Bay (Garden Route, Western Cape Province, South Africa)

In March 2010, a diving club of which Berto was a member organised a scuba diving weekend in Plettenberg Bay. This beautiful coastal town is 520km (323 miles) from Cape Town. Our accommodation was at the popular A Forever Resort at the mouth of the Keurbooms River where we pitched our tents.

Camping alongside the Keurbooms River

The first few dives were from a boat near the beach at Plettenberg Bay. While Berto was diving, I took a long walk on the beach. It was here that I saw one of the most famous landmarks in Plettenberg Bay, namely the Beacon Isle Hotel.

Beacon Isle Hotel, built in 1972

View from the hotel towards the ocean

The beach at Beacon Isle Hotel in Plettenberg Bay

The next day we all drove to Storms River Mouth where the divers did two more dives. Afterwards we enjoyed a walk through the National Park where a set of three suspension bridges span the mouth of the Storm River.

Divers getting ready for another dive at Storms River Mouth

National Park, Storms River Mouth

Suspension bridges over the Storm River

The suspension bridge spans 77 metres over the Storms River Mouth

View from one of the suspension bridges

For some reason we haven’t visited the beautiful Garden Route as much as we would have liked. We hope to return to this picturesque area in the future to see more of its beautiful beaches, forests and coastal towns.


37 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #16

  1. I love it. Especially that picture of you and Berto. That suspension bridge reminds me of when I was a little boy. We were in the mountains of North Carolina and we had to cross a suspension bridge like that. I was crying so hard that the wind blew the chewing gum out of my mouth. My mother laughed about that for many, many, years.

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    1. The suspension bridges are a major attraction for tourists. The Garden Route is definitely one of the most scenic parts of South Africa … the forests, beaches and small coastal towns are incredibly beautiful. I am sure you will enjoy visiting this area Marion.

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  2. This post brought back memories from two different times, thirty years apart. The first was in 1978 when my former husband and I stayed in the Beacon Isle Hotel for one night on our way to Fort Beaufort. It was expensive then so goodness knows how much it is now.

    The second memory is of Storm’s River Mouth where my current husband and I visited in 2008. I have a very similar photo to yours – and if you read my post you’ll find out about the suspension bridge at that time xx

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    1. Ah Jude, I so enjoyed your post on this area! We’re going to J’Bay for Easter weekend (but only for one night, before we leave with friends for Baviaanskloof – we’ve never been there, but heard it’s incredibly beautiful). Oh, and at least it looks like the suspension bridge that burned down halfway in 2008 (when you were there), took “only” 2 years to be repaired. When we were there in 2010, everything looked quite new … yes, time in SA is a relative term – patience gets a new meaning here 😄.


      1. Thanks for the update on the bridge! I haven’t been to Baviaanskloof either, I shall look forward to your post about the trip. And hope you find J’Bay more pleasant than I did. I was also wondering when I read my post whether you and Berto have done the Otter Trail? I know you are both long distance walkers.

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      2. I will definitely tell more about Baviaanskloof when we were there (J’Bay will just be an overnight spot, so we won’t really have time to explore). I have to admit, to my shame, we haven’t hiked the Otter Trail (yet). We’ve wanted to a few times, but you have to book like a year in advance to get a spot (and we weren’t always sure where we’d be in a year 🙂 ). Now we are starting to get older and I’m no longer so sure if we will be able to walk it with ease … but you never know …

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    1. I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to suspension bridges, but I have to admit, the views from there were beautiful (I only got halfway before I turned around 😬). Oh, that photo of Berto and me … 13 years ago, which means I was still in my 30s! Those were the days!

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  3. I heard people talk about Plettenberg Bay but somehow I never saw pictures of it. Now I can see why it was so popular. Gorgeous beach and countryside. I especially like the river scenes. Did you walk across the bridge? It would make my toes curl, but maybe I could force myself!

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    1. Plettenberg Bay (or actually the Garden Route) is a beautiful area and always attracts many tourists. Let me put it this way: I was on the suspension bridge … until halfway! Then I had to turn around because my stomach was in a knot 😬.


    1. It is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa … yes, the beaches are stunning. I’m sure there are some of you brave ones out there who will enjoy the suspension bridges … I’m just a sissy when it comes to high and moving stuff 😬.

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  4. This is clearly a stunning part of the country, I would be up for crossing the bridges and maybe even a night at the Beacon Isle Hotel. Have you ever stayed? Love the photo of you and Berto. I was in China in March 2010, what a loooong time ago. Or so it seems.

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    1. I KNOW you will enjoy the suspension bridges – you are one of the brave among us! I’m telling you now: If we’re ever in that area again, we’re definitely going to shake our wallets for at least one night in the Beacon Isle Hotel – apparently the views are incredible. You’re right Leighton … 2010 is a lifetime ago (that’s 13 years ago – meaning I was in my late 30’s)!

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    1. Dit is ‘n pragtige deel van ons land, ne Tannie Frannie! Ek onthou hoe ons by Stormsriviermond gestaan het en net kon kyk en kyk … ek het min plekke gesien wat so mooi is! Ek’s bly Tannie het die foto’s geniet – dit het my nou herinner ons moet weer daarheen gaan – langer bly en meer ontdek!

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    1. It’s a beautiful part of SA – I think the forests and beautiful beaches are a winning combination. I think it may have changed significantly since the late 1980s, but the beauty is still there. And I’m glad you have some good memories of the Garden Route too.

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    1. I’m with your husband Diane! I walked halfway and then turned around 😉. If my life depended on it, you’d have to blindfold me and lead me over the bridges!! No, I’m not a diver … feet on dry land is much nicer. I always tell my husband “someone has to be on the beach looking after everyone’s stuff” … and I am that “someone” 😄.


  5. Aaah beautiful Plettenberg Bay, thank you Corna for this lovely share of these breathtaking views 💕🌸 A reminder for me that there’s so much more to see and therefore a must to revisit too.

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    1. That part of our country is beautiful – I mean, it IS the Garden Route after all! But you’re right Henrietta … there are so many beautiful places to see in SA and we still have a lot to go and visit (and revisit)!

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