We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

April 2017 – Madrid (Spain)

After we finished our Camino Frances (that long-long walk of 729km from Pamplona to Santiago), we flew to Madrid from where we would catch a flight back to South Africa.

We only had one day in Madrid. Under normal circumstances we would explore a new city on foot … but our time was limited (and walking was the last thing we really wanted to do). So, we took the metro to the center of Madrid and then walked to the city’s grand central square, Plaza Mayor.

We found an open table and ordered two beers … that was before we knew beer was double the price inside Plaza Mayor than those outside in the side streets!

Another view of Plaza Mayor

After our (expensive) beers, we walked out of Plaza Mayor to explore more of the city centre. Puerta del Sol is a public square in Madrid and probably one of the best known and busiest places in the city.

Statue of King Carlos III of Spain in Puerta del Sol

There was a lot going on in Puerta del Sol – musicians played various instruments and magicians created illusions.

Magician in Puerta del Sol

The bear and the madrone tree statue

After we had two more beers (this time the cheaper ones in one of the side streets), we wandered back to the metro to get to our hotel. We saw so many statues on our way, here’s just two of them:

The streets of central Madrid are beautiful and the buildings spectacular. Maybe one day we’ll go back to enjoy the city properly … when we have the energy and our feet don’t hurt.


45 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #13

  1. I have had wonderful times in Madrid. I hope I can go back next year. I want to return to Spain for Holy Week to watch the Holy Week processions again.

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    1. Ek moet bieg dat ek net so min van hierdie mooi stad weet. Ons was so moeg toe ons hier was, dat ons eintlik net op ons beddens in die hotel wou le 😄 … maar ons het deurgedruk om darem Plaza Mayor en Puerta del Sol te besoek. In volgende Donderdag se TB Thursday, verbaas ek jou dalk met nog ‘n besoek aan Madrid ‘n jaar later …


    1. Yes, the timing really sucked! However, we tried to rectify that the following year … look out for next week’s TB Thursday post. Berto is doing much better, thanks Jo. He is impatient with his progress … but I am there every step of the way to remind him to take it easy 😀. There are some big tests coming up next week, hopefully then we will have more clarity on his health.

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    1. Op hierdie eerste besoek het ons net die puntjie van die spreekwoordelike ysberg gesien. Om elke hoek en draai is daar ‘n pragtige monument/imposante gebou/interessante mense … ons nekke was behoorlik seer na net een dag! Ek wys volgende week meer 😉.


  2. We always take our feet for granted until they finally protest. How long did yours take to recover? You have been to so many great places, it must be hard deciding whether to go someone new or return to see a previous destination in more depth. There’s never enough time or money. This is why I get so much out of travel blogs…like yours. Best wishes!

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    1. It took my feet about a month to fully recover … and we waited 4 months before going on another hike again (one tends to forget the pain very quickly) 😄. Yes, we saw quite a few beautiful places (but not nearly as many as you). But we feel blessed to have been able to visit a few countries – in the end you come back a ‘richer’ person (of course with less money). Thank you Carolyn for always leaving such nice comments – you must be one of our blogger friends with the kindest heart 🌸.


    1. True … to think you are sitting in a place that is more than 400 years old is pretty special (and you drink that beer with a smile) 😉. Madrid has so much to offer … and we did see a bit more of the city the following year after our Portuguese Camino (more on this in next week’s TB Thursday).

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    1. It’s great that you also have beautiful memories of your time in Madrid! Yes, I remember there was a lot of activity going on in the center of the city – we realised we were missing out on a great visit, but we were just so tired!

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      1. I am planning a bit of a different wander so will be closer to 800k by the time I am finished. The Madrid, a couple of days on the Frances, then the san Salvador from Leon, then Primitivo from Oviedo and freelance from there with bits of Verde, del Norte before joining the Frances again for the last day. Doing my best to avoid the crowds. 😉

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    1. I remember, when we met one of our Spanish Camino friends in Madrid the following year, he mentioned that Puerta del Sol will undergo some renovations (this was way back in 2018) … so, they are clearly taking time with this 😉 .

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  3. These are such fantastic photos, Corna. I try to stop by Plaza Mayor every time I am in Madrid – it is a symbol of Madrid and must not be missed. I love those beautiful arcades running around the edges as well as the constant buzz created by people wandering around. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thank you Aiva. Yes, Plaza Mayor is definitely synonymous with Madrid and we’re glad we went to see what it looks like … considering it’s over 400 years old, it’s a remarkable place! Hope you have a nice weekend 🌸.

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  4. Madrid is always a good idea, methinks. Hope you do get to go back someday and see more of the city. Your photos are lovely. The last day of any trip, but particularly a long and eventful one, is always memorable and special. In April 2017, when you and Berto wandered around Madrid, I was back in China for the third time, starting a new job. I hope Berto is doing better, say hello from Sladja and I, we are thinking of you.

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    1. And guess what … we did have the opportunity to visit Madrid again the following year (more on that in next week’s TB Thursday). Although we were absolutely exhausted, it was great to say goodbye to Spain in such a beautiful city. China hey – a very different world to Europe I suppose. Thanks, Berto is definitely on the road to recovery … we had a ‘braai’ last night (for the first time since he got out of hospital) so that’s a good sign 😉.

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    1. Madrid is a beautiful city and the perfect place where we could celebrate the end of Camino Frances. It’s a city full of history, statues and lovely streets. One should actually spend a few days here to explore everything, but we were just too tired 🙂.

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