We all have these photos … throwback photos!

It’s described as ‘nostalgia-inducing pictures … from a different era of your life”.

Every Thursday we will throw a photo of ‘way back when’ on our blog. Why on a Thursday? Because it’s just a day away from the weekend … and we love weekends!

You are welcome to join in or just enjoy the photos (#TB Thursday).

Maskam (mountain), Vanrhynsdorp South Africa

Back in October 2005, my brother and his wife visited us from the UK and together we travelled to my parents in Vanrhynsdorp (Western Cape Province) for a weekend.

We had so much fun together and on the Saturday, we went for a drive to enjoy the vast plains of this area. The mountain in this photo is called the Maskam, a well-known landmark in the Vanrhynsdorp area with an almost similar flat appearance to the world-famous Table Mountain in Cape Town. The Maskam forms part of the Matzikamma mountain range. Matzikamma means the ‘mountains that yield water’ and it is not unusual to travel in this mountain range in rain and thick mist.

While driving on the back roads of the small town Vanrhynsdorp, we stopped to walk around in the field. It was then that we noticed this derelict farmhouse with the Maskam as the perfect background.

(This is yet another scanned photo).


37 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #5

    1. Thank you very much Leighton. It is indeed a great place to just sit and stare into the distance 🙂 . I doubt the house has been restored – most of the people there have moved to the towns/cities. But I can only imagine being able to stay there must have been pure bliss!

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    1. This mountain is such a well-known ‘landmark’ next to one of our main highways … if you’re coming from the north, the landscape literally change from dry and barren to green and luscious once you pass this the Maskam mountain. Absolutely Linda – just by looking at our old photos, reminds me of such happy moments in my life!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenge – I love looking back on great moments/adventures … and I’m so happy you are sharing yours too! The Taj Mahal is a truly beautiful building and your photos are amazing!


    1. I’m just thinking … you probably drove past this mountain on your way to your ‘adventurous’ Orange River trip. It’s very close to the N7 highway when you drive from Cape Town to the border of Namibia.


    1. We have the same thoughts Carolyn! It was only after the photos were developed a month or so later, that we realised that it was quite a lovely photo! We just returned from a lovely camping week and I have a lot to catch up (like reading your posts 🙂), but will get to that soon! Hope you’re doing well.


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