HOUSEBOAT WEEKEND (Part 2 – Final), Port Alfred

A weekend houseboat cruise on the Kowie River

Readers will remember that we paused halfway in our previous post telling you about our trip on a houseboat on the Kowie River. It was just one of those days where it’s almost impossible to describe the amount of joy we experienced while doing a trip … we had a couple of them previously, and this one is certainly under the top 5!

Now, let’s get back to Saturday afternoon. After we had some hotdogs for lunch, we (reluctantly) turned the houseboat around to look for an overnight spot on the river.

Spotting another boat next to a jetty

It was now quite some time after lunch and we were getting peckish (maybe due to the abundance of fresh air) … fortunately, we had some snacks inside the houseboat. While cruising down the river, I made us a cup of coffee and we enjoyed some rusks and lemon cream cookies (and a banana as dessert).

Snacks were on hand for those ‘in between’ meals

We were fascinated with the vegetation along the river. The many trees and bushes were standing in close proximity to each other … I was wondering how many wildlife was hiding between those.

On our way down the river, we passed two boats that were anchored close to the bank of the river. There were probably 10 men together, having a braai … it almost looked as if their boats were on fire! They waved exuberantly at us when we past them.

No, the boats are not on fire … they’re just having a braai

Eventually we got to a spot where we thought would be nice to overnight. And guess what … it was the very same place where we enjoyed breakfast earlier today.

Our overnight spot on the Kowie River

It was amazing to witness how the colours changed as the sun was setting. We were just sitting at the back of the boat, having a glass of wine while enjoying nature’s display of wonder!

The colours of sunset
The very same tree we saw during our breakfast earlier today

While sitting outside and enjoy the sunset, we looked towards a big hill at the back of our houseboat. The silhouettes of the trees and bushes were beautiful and we also spotted some antelopes grazing.

And then … remember those giraffes we spotted with breakfast this morning? Well, they (or maybe it was different ones) appeared on the horizon. They gracefully walked up the hill and disappeared between the high trees. What a magical moment!

A giraffe walking off into the night

I think it was at this moment that we just looked at each other – in total amazement – and appreciated our lives and where we were at that very moment.

A windless evening on the Kowie River

Did I mention there is a radio on the houseboat? When it was time to make a fire, we switched on the radio and listen to the international rugby match between the Springboks (SA) and Wales … which we won! The evening turned out to be a joyous one!

Braai time
I prepared garlic potatoes on the stove
A typical South African ‘braai’ meal

We woke up early on Sunday morning, feeling well rested. With a cup of coffee in hand, we went to the roof of the houseboat to wait for the sun to rise.

Sunrise over the Kowie River
The view from our bed
The moon hanging over ‘our’ tree

Berto prepared another yummy breakfast before we packed our stuff, cleaned the houseboat and turned back to the harbour of Port Alfred.

Breakfast on Sunday morning
On our way back to the harbour

The Kowie River – a beautiful sight

Lovely buildings on the banks of the river
The bridge of Port Alfred coming into view again

As I’ve mentioned in our previous post, this weekend definitely falls into the top 5 of most enjoyable weekends away! We had such a great time … enjoying nature from a houseboat is a totally different experience and one we would not mind doing again (and again).

If you ever get to Port Alfred (or even just close by), book your weekend with Houseboats Port Alfred – we can guarantee you, you will love it!


55 thoughts on “HOUSEBOAT WEEKEND (Part 2 – Final), Port Alfred

    1. I totally agree with you Marion … we couldn’t wish for a more peaceful weekend. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who would want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments, as always, we appreciate your contribution.

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    1. Jy’s reg Aletta … dis nie jou ‘normale’ wegbreek naweek nie, maar absoluut die geld werd! Dankie dat jy saam met ons op die rivier ‘gevaar’ het, ons het totale rustigheid in ons na hierdie lekkerte!


    1. I love those dusky evenings as well. We have packed our mosquito repellent, but were surprised that we did not encounter any of these pests … I don’t know whether we were just lucky or because it’s winter right now.

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    1. Ha 😁, that is exactly what was needed. Berto travelled to Johannesburg for work the week after our houseboat cruise (ready to face countless meetings and heavy traffic) and the spirit of the peacefulness of the Kowie River stayed with him for the entire week. Thanks for reading Mel, weekend is almost here – have a blast!

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  1. As I said before, a houseboat river cruise is one of the all-time great weekend getaways! I see why you had such a good time. Your sunset photos are spectacular, and the shot with moon is iconic. I didn’t know there wee rivers like this in the Cape Town region.

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    1. This one will definitely be cemented in our memories for being one of the most peaceful (and beautiful) weekends ever! I don’t know whether you are aware, but we moved to the Eastern Cape about 2 months ago and are now more than 1,000km away from Cape Town. But I bet there are rivers like this one also close to Cape Town … we will go and look for them when we visit our hometown Langebaan again.


    1. Thank you guys! I’m happy that you could saw the silhouetted giraffes – that was probably the highlight of the evening (and that the Springboks won against Wales 😉). With dodgy wifi and all … I’m sure Mexico is exceeding your expectations! Enjoy!

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I remember Port Alfred as a sweet little town with a nice beach. Is there a national park or safari park along the river then to explain the presence of the giraffes and antelope?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was our first visit to Port Alfred. There is now a small mall just outside the town, but its still got that small town feeling. We did not visit the beach (although we’ve been on the water the entire weekend 😉), but we saw some pretty amazing beaches from the main road. Yes, there is a private game reserve along the river which explains the wildlife we saw … we will have to go back to experience a game drive next time! I also saw the road leading to Kenton-on-Sea (which is just 25km from Port Alfred) and remembered that you told me about this town. If we had more time, we would have loved to visit this little coastal village as well … ahh, next time 😊.


  3. Corna, of all the amazing snapshots you’ve given me of SA over the past year or so, this two part adventure is up there with the very best. I love the night shots of the shadowed hills, the one with the giraffe is just magnificent. And the moon over the tree… Sladja and I often fantasise over a wall of me style gallery of our world travels should we ever settle down and have a place of our own. Do you have such a thing?

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    1. Thank you so much Leighton, I’m really happy that you enjoyed these two special posts. Like I’ve said, this surely is one of our best weekends away! The thought just never crossed our minds that we can enjoy nature, see wildlife and experience all of this, while on a houseboat on a river. It was just perfect! I have no idea how we will top this 😉.
      That wall of memories … we have talked so many times about it, but just never got to it. We even made a layout of all the photos (and then we do something new and think, “Oh hang on, this will also work on the photo wall”). But it’s going to happen, we promised ourselves … one day! Btw, you two will have to buy a BIG place for all of your memories 😁.

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  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the colours of the sky from the sunset and the tree silhouettes in the background. Looks like a lovely spot to sip a glass of wine and admire the scenery. And what a beautiful view to wake up to. It definitely sounds like you had an amazing weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Linda 😀. Yes, the colours in the sky kept on changing until it was dark – it was just awesome to watch! I can’t think of many more places where it might be better to enjoy a glass of wine. Definitely a weekend to remember for many more years!

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  5. Oh wow, and when you said how much joy it brings you it made me smile from ear to ear because that is what trips are all about 🙂 I have never done a houseboat as I get so sea sick I can’t imagine it would be fun, but I so wish I could as it looks totally perfect x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true Hannah – a smile from ear to ear … for the entire weekend! Oh, the good news here: You will not get sea sick on the Kowie River, there are no waves! I also get sea sick very easily and was a bit hesitant at the start of the weekend, but it was totally unnecessary. So, the golden lesson: Choose the right river 😁.


  6. Oh wow 😍 loved the pinkish sunset 😍😍😍 gorgeous. I’m glad you and Berto enjoyed your weekend. When I look at a cluster of trees, I do the same thing and wonder how many species are living in there.

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    1. Oh yes, that sunset was absolutely beautiful! And the colours kept changing as the sun went down… nature is truly amazing. Thank you for stopping by our houseboat trip and your lovely comments – they are much appreciated 🌸.


    1. Ag, dit was nou heerlik gewees! Ek weet julle sien so baie wilde diere op julle reise, so om ‘n kameelperd te sien is seker nie (meer) vir julle so ‘n groot oomblik nie 😉 … maar vir ons was dit so spesiaal. Ja inderdaad, ons kry sommer so ‘n salige uitdrukking op ons gesigte as ons net terugdink aan die naweek.

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      1. Dis wonderlik! As ons net ‘n volstruis sien (soos bv. in die Tankwa Karoo Nasionale Park verlede jaar), dan neem ons foto’s asof ons die Groot 5 raaksien 😄 … ek dink dis omdat ‘n mens die diere in hulle natuurlike omgewing sien. Ons is bevoorreg met soveel Nasionale Parke hier in SA (iets wat ek altyd probeer onthou).

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    1. Thanks Sarah, yes we really had a great weekend…it’s been three weeks now but we’re still talking about it! The giraffes that evening were the cherry on the cake! Hmm, I think that tree is waiting for you and your camera 😊.

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