CAMPING VIEWS, Elands Bay (West Coast)

In our previous post, we told you all about our “camp gourmet food” we enjoyed while camping at Elands Bay (you can read about it here).

In this post, it’s all about the amazing views we had while camping. We enjoyed an early morning full moon walk, afternoon strolls on the beach and watching the moves of surfers on the waves – Elands Bay is well-known to the surfing community and is perfect for high-performance surfing.

But first, let us just remind you again of our view from our camping spot next to the Elands Bay Hotel – sunsets are always spectacular and we enjoyed this every evening while relaxing next to our camp fire.

Sunset on our first evening of camping

Full moon walk on the beach:

We woke up bright and early on our first morning while camping – it was 5:00am – and we could not understand why it was so light … we unzipped our tent and saw a full moon hanging over the ocean. We grabbed our fleece jackets and walked down to the beach to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Full moon over the Atlantic Ocean
Birds in flight during the full moon

It was such a surreal moment … watching the full moon hanging over the ocean and then to look back, only to see the sunrays throwing another light over the eastern horizon.

A stroll on the beach:

We had wonderful sunny weather while camping … almost hot enough to swim. Every day we took a stroll on the beach – what a relaxing way of camping.

A stroll on the beach
Turning around – now with a view on the mountain
Our footprints on the soft sand
Blue sky and the ocean … bliss

Surfer’s paradise:

During Sunday morning, we saw many surfers streaming to the kelpy pointbreak where the waves were calling them. We decided to join them (on the rocks that is, not in the waves) to see what they were up to.

Surfers checking out the waves

We saw a few surfers that were quite good on the waves – some on boogie boards and others on their surfboards. Sometimes they had to wait for more than 15 minutes for the ‘right’ wave … and then it was show off time!

Here’s a few pictures of Elands Bay’s surfers:

This guy was GOOD
Getting ready to ride a wave
Here’s the good guy again
No, Berto is not looking for the perfect wave … he lost his flip flop in the water (fortunately, it came back to him) 😁

Wind in the waves (and on the beach):

On one of our last strolls on the beach, the wind picked up and even then, it was great to watch the waves breaking.

An empty shell of a lobster on the beach

Final sunset:

We enjoyed a stunning final sunset before we returned back home the next day.

Final sunset of the weekend
Saying goodnight … until tomorrow

Elands Bay is certainly one of the most scenic camping spots there is on the West Coast of South Africa. I think we might just be back again soon …

Elands Bay fading in the last light of the day

53 thoughts on “CAMPING VIEWS, Elands Bay (West Coast)

  1. The pictures of the full moon and of the sunset are simply gorgeous 🤩🤩
    On a side note, I’ve been hearing on the news about the intense flooding in Durban, SA. I’m not sure how close/far that is from where you live. I hope you and your loved ones are safe 🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, we were really privileged that nature has spoiled us so much during this camping weekend. Yes, the flooding in Durban and surroundings are quite bad. Fortunately, for us, it’s on the east coast of South Africa (we’re living on the west coast) and about 1,600km away. We have family there (they are safe), but the damage is quite devastating – thank you for thinking about us 🌸.


      1. I’m relieved to hear that you and your family are safe. Im so sorry to hear about the devastation and it seems that the death toll keeps on increasing every time the news comes on. I hope the end of this ordeal is in sight 🙏🏻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for your thoughts – it’s much appreciated. Our president did declare a national disaster yesterday evening due to the flooding. They have already started with clean-up operations, but this can take a very long time. Fortunately, many of our resources are already in the province of KwaZulu-Natal to assist where necessary.


    1. Baie dankie Dries. Ja, die uitsigte by Elandsbaai is ongelooflik mooi. Ek dink dit help ook dat dit nog so ongerep is daar. Ek kan nie krediet neem vir daardie aksiefoto’s nie, maar het jou komplimente oorgedra aan Berto 😊.

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  2. The walk on the beach under the full moon was quite a treat. Nature provides awe inspiring beauty. It is great you are able to experience it so often. I admire surfers but fear of sharks kept me from trying it. Your choice of camping at Elands Bay was well rewarded. 😊

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    1. You’re absolutely right John … that full moon walk was pretty special! Apparently (so they say), are there no sharks at Elands Bay … but you never know 👀. Thanks for reading and yes, I’m sure Elands Bay will see us again!

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    1. Thank you so much Marion. Nature really treated us to a spectacle during this camping trip at Elands Bay! A happy Easter to you and your family too. (We’re going off the grid from later this afternoon until next week – wild camping again 😉 … will ‘see’ you when we’re back).

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    1. Oh yes, that is indeed a super spot to camp … that beach is just awesome! I was in absolute awe with that full moon reflection on the ocean. Thanks, we were happy to have some (very) capable surfers of whom we could take pictures!

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  3. Wonderful, wonderful photographs. Full moon, sunsets…stunning. What a beautiful beach. I haven’t seen the sea for over four years. Your pictures make me realize that I miss it. (We are 3 hours from the coast) Surfing must feel great, I always think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn 🌸. It is indeed a beautiful beach … we just can not get enough of this pristine place! We had just returned from a long weekend – again by the sea (this time wild camp) and it was amazing! I can’t imagine living too far from the sea (3 hours is quite a drive), it just puts me in an absolutely peaceful state of mind! I agree, if you know how to surf, it must be a great sport to enjoy.

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  4. Wow dit is darem maar ‘n pragtige plek! Dit lyk so anders as die dag toe ons daar was! (was mos mistig en koud) Die sonsondergange is ongelooflik mooi en mens kan mos nie genoeg daarvan kry nie. Die branderplank ryers is so goed vas gevang deur jou kamera Corna! Pragtige foto’s!! Wil sommer een van die dae weer daarheen gaan!

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    1. Absoluut Aletta … behalwe dat dit ‘n pragtige plek is, is dit ook goed vir mens se siele rus 😊. Dankie vir die kompliment rakende die branderplank foto’s – ons was gelukkig om ‘n paar baie goeie “surfers” daar te he wat omtrent ‘n vertoning kon gee! Ons het weer daar verby gery vandag (oppad terug na ons weer “wild camping” geniet het verder op teen die Weskus) en dit is wrintiewaar een van die mooiste strande hier rond!


  5. Such a great variety of beach shots, I really enjoyed them. Your full moon ones reminded me that the same thing happened to us in Costa Rica – we woke up around 4.00 AM with the full moon shining above the Pacific and straight into our room 🙂 Of course we got up to take photos! And your surfing shots are excellent, you’ve captured the action so well. As for the sunsets, gorgeous!!

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    1. I suppose then with full moon, one is not suppose to be in bed … but to be outside enjoying the views (even if it’s bright and early in the morning)! Thanks Sarah, we were fortunate to have great surfers in the water to try and take some action photo’s.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dankie Tannie Frannie ☺️. O ja, die see se branders is een van die mooiste geluide vir my … ons het juis gisteraand weer terug gekom van (nog) ‘n kamp naweek – hierdie keer verder op teen die Weskus met geen geriewe en ons tent was enkele meters van die branders af … daar is nie mooier musiek as daardie branders wat so breek nie!

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  6. Wow, nature at its most wonderful! The moon over the Atlantic Ocean is magical, and so are the waves, stormy clouds, sunset… You cracked me up with ‘Berto’s not looking for the perfect wave, he lost his flip flop’. A lovely place to set up a camp.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nature-wise we had an amazing show with sunsets, full moon, clouds and beaches! Haha 😁, Berto was there for a second worried that his (new) flip flop would disappear into the sea or that he would have to swim in the cold water to get it back! It’s such a nice campsite … the West Coast is definitely THE place where one can enjoy pristine nature.

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  7. Wow, what a lovely place to stay at! what’s better than a campsite with direct access to the beach? Camping next to the sea means lots of fun for all the family. Whether you want lazy days in the sun or lots of water activities, a campsite near the sea gives you the best of both worlds. I am glad to see you had a great time! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Aiva for your lovely comments, it’s much appreciated as always! Yes, we love camping close to the ocean – we know that we are always in for a beautiful sunset (or sunrise) … depending on which side of our country we are camping 🌞! We just came back from another great camping weekend (of course, next to the sea again) and we feel re-energised and ready for the next couple of weeks!

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  8. Absolutely amazing pictures, especially Berto! I don’t know if I love the food pictures or these better, I enjoyed both so much! I have never stuffed a chicken leg and all your food could have been served in a restaurant. I have never surfed or used a boogie board but always wanted to. I hope you know you are living my dream life, never take what you do for granted!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Diane … coming from a master chef like you, it’s a big compliment! I think to surf (or boogie board) must take a lot of skill and I admired these guys that were doing it so effortlessly. And thank you, we are constantly reminding ourselves not to take what we do, for granted. We feel very privileged to do the things we love 🌸.


    1. Exactly … what could be better? We feel so close to nature when out camping (and especially next to a camp fire). We have only recently found Elands Bay’s camping grounds (and now we have already camped there twice in just 3 months)! I suspect we might going there soon again 😉.

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    1. Thank you Jo. Yes, I admire those surfers for staying upright in the waves … it looks so easy, but I’m sure it takes a lot of practising and skill! Hope your Sunday is good one as well … our days are getting (a little bit) colder, but today is a a lovely sunny day, perfect for a walk next to the lagoon ☺️.


    1. Thank you … those sunsets are truly spectacular! I wonder if the surfer will be so happy that we captured him while tumbling off his surfboard 😉. We were lucky to have some great action while watching them!

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