Joostenberg Bistro/Deli & Ludwig’s Roses

In our previous post, we enjoyed a wine tasting and lunch at Nitida Wine Farm (read here). The next day of our visit, while our friends all worked, we thought it was a great opportunity to look for yet another place with a view to enjoy lunch.

And let me tell you, it’s definitely not difficult to find such a spot in or around Cape Town … the difficulty comes with the decision which one to choose!

When we lived in Cape Town, we loved our outings to the Stellenbosch area … scenic views over the mountains and green fields let you forget about the hustle and bustle of city life.

And so it happened that on this sunny day, after we dropped my mom off at her sister’s house for a visit, we turned our car once again to the Stellenbosch area … Joostenberg was our destination.


The inside sitting area at Joostenberg bistro

Joostenberg is a 5th generation family business situated in the Muldersvlei district of Stellenbosch. Here, you will find:

  • A deli (it’s hard to ignore their freshly baked bread and pies),
  • Butchery (pork products are their speciality),
  • Bistro with mouth-watering dishes,
  • Winery (yes, again 😉),
  • Nursery,
  • And the well-known Stellenbosch Brewing Company (The Stellies Taproom).
The outside area of the bistro on the verandah

You will find everything you’ll need for a great day in the vineyards here at Joostenberg … and the bonus – once again the beautiful setting. It’s luscious and green with stunning views over the mountains in the distance.

Another view of the outside area of the bistro

With temperatures once again in the high 30 degrees Celsius, we were happy to find an outside table to enjoy lunch. We each ordered a glass of their wine which was served with home-baked farm bread and real butter.

Our idea of a perfect start to a lunch in the vineyards

Their lunch menu ranges from herb crusted pork loin to seasonal Cape line fish. Berto ordered the traditional croque monsieur and I enjoyed the confit duck leg.

My lunch – confit duck leg, leaves, gaufrette potato and a wholegrain mustard mayo

We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant environment to enjoy a hot summers day. While enjoying lunch, we had a wonderful view over the green grass and expansive gardens.

At the Stellies Taproom, one can order delicious al fresco meals and enjoy a picnic on the grass, while enjoying some of Joostenberg’s organic wine or an ice-cold beer (that is brewed on the premises). We have done this a couple of years ago together with a group of friends and I remember just how much everyone enjoyed that afternoon.

After our delicious lunch, we took a stroll through the garden. I can understand why Joostenberg is such a popular venue for conferences and intimate wedding celebrations.

On our way back, we wandered through the deli. The meat that are packed neatly on the racks and in the counters, are truly a feast for the eye!

Joostenberg meat – such a huge variety

After we added a few of these wonderful goodies to our basket and paid, we walked back into the sunshine. Only to be distracted by a lovely rose garden … are there no end to the beauty of this place?

Ludwig’s Roses Winelands:

Between the lovely smelling roses of Ludwig’s Roses Winelands

Ludwig’s Roses Winelands is definitely the place to visit should you want to buy roses. There are literally hundreds of different varieties and it was amazing to be surrounded by so much beauty.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I’ll never love someone the way I love you” … do you remember this one ☺️

As we got to our car, and Berto packed our purchases in the boot, I noticed the beautiful agapanthus flowers next to our car.

Agapanthus in full bloom

This was such a wonderful visit to a beautiful place. We always enjoy our time here and hope that you feel just as relaxed after browsing through the photo’s.

45 thoughts on “WEEKEND GETAWAY – Cape Town (2)

    1. This is an amazing place and very popular – there are always visitors (whether it’s a Monday morning or during the weekend). The duck was super delicious – even the neighbouring table agreed that this was a great choice 😊. I really hope you get to South Africa soon on your travels Marion – it would be great to share a glass of wine with you under our South African sky!

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  1. Just love Joostenberg Bistro! We haven’t been since 2018, but a favourite when we head out that way. They sometimes bake a venison pie – springbok, I think – and the lush gardens is a good place to lose your grandchildren for a Sunday afternoon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We also love going back there (it’s as if we just can’t drive pass when we’re on that road 😉). One of our friends had venison pie there once during a Sunday lunch and he asked for another piece as takeaway – it was that good! I think that’s what make Joostenberg such a popular place, it’s a great outing for the whole family.


    1. Yes, when it’s been for so long in one family, you just know that there’s a lot of caring there. It’s really such a popular place for families – while the adults are enjoying some wine and good food, the little ones are running around on the big lawn or feeding the birds at the nearby dam (which we forgot to take pictures of) … just so much to do!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It brings back memories of the KWV Taphuys at Kleinplasie, Worcester. Delectable food, champion wines made by world renowned cellar masters, all of it in a great setting. I love these rural eateries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, the rural eateries are amazing … I’d rather go there than to one of the many restaurants in a mall 😉. Kleinplasie … wow, I’ve been there in the 80’s (when I was still in high school) … maybe we should drop in there one day!


      1. I grew up near Kleinplasie, had our wedding reception in the Taphuys. Used to sit at the feet of Oom Mynie Reyes when they came with his boeremusiek band. Went there for Sop & Brood daily over lunchtimes. Thick bean soup with Skuinskoek, Roosterkoek, etc. Yes, one day when I can move about, for sure. I heard they do a mean malva pudding.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That sounds like you had such a great time there. You’ve just mentioned so many things in one paragraph which I absolutely love … boeremusiek, sop & brood, skuinskoek, roosterkoek and malva pudding 😁.


      3. Kleinplasie will always be part of me, somehow. Talking about Worcester, David Kramer wrote a song, sung by Laurika. ‘n Man Stap. It is about Worcester and places I knew so well, and Missy at the Pandora. We were friends with Missy. Sentiments tug at the heart.

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  3. That’s funny…I dreamed about roses last night (which I never did before). I associate them with my mother who I once went to Stellenbosch with. It really is lovely there. Nice to see your pictures to remind me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Roses were my father’s favourite – he had a beautiful rose garden when I was still in school (and on Mother’s Day, both my mother and I would receive a rose from his garden). I had him in my thought while we walked through the rose garden … amazing how certain things just trigger those memories to our loved ones.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Absolutely … we will never be able to visit all of these amazing places (and that’s just in and around Cape Town). We try to go to different places every time we visit Cape Town, but when a place is as great as Joostenberg, we’re going back there time and time again!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, their garden is truly beautiful – they are really taking good care of it! Spring is hopefully not too far away for you guys (we had our first winter rain yesterday, which mean our winter is just around the corner). Thanks again for reading and your lovely comments 🌞.

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    1. Yes, it’s a really amazing place to spent at least a few hours … during weekends it’s almost like a family feast with so many families relaxing there! Like you said, there’s so many things to do and a walk through the deli and shop make you grab a basket instantly to buy some of the fresh produce! I love the rose garden – it’s always full of colour (whether is summer or winter). Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments (as always).

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  4. Dis darem maar ‘n lekker plek om te kuier! Ons het graag daarheen gegaan toe ons nog daar gebly het. Hulle kos is heerlik en die deli ‘n moet! Weet jy daar is ‘n tweedehandse winkeltjie ook op die perseel.? Die rose is so pragtig! Dink dis tyd dat ons weer ‘n draaitjie daar moet gaan maak!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘n Tweedehandse winkeltje … hoe op aarde het ek dit gemis?? Nou gaan jy mos maak dat ons met ons volgende besoek aan die Kaap weer daarlangs aanry 😁. Ja, die rose is gewoonlik ons laaste deurloop net voor ons ry – ek’s mal daaroor om al die name van die rose te lees (daar’s soveel verskillende soorte) en natuurlik aan almal te ruik!


      1. Ja, ek het nou-net gedink dit moet seker daar rond wees (want ons was nog nie daardie kant toe nie). Nou ja, dan sien Joostenberg ons weer as ons Kaap toe gaan 😄.


    1. Eating duck has a special memory for me … at our engagement (on a wine farm) back in 1995, I had duck in an orange sauce 😁. Yes, the rose garden is a definite favourite – isn’t it the most beautiful flower with their satin soft colourful leaves 🌷.

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