GIN TASTING, Langebaan

Celebrating 50 (I)

The year had barely begun, but there was already something to celebrate! 50 … It’s just a number they say (and don’t forget, “you’re now half a century YOUNG”)!

To kick off my milestone birthday, one of my dearest and longest friends invited me to join her for a gin tasting. This was then followed by a (long) weekend of camping with family for more celebrations – we will tell you all about this in our next post.

West Coast Distillers, Langebaan:

Friends told us about an amazing gin tasting they had (literally a kilometer from our home, which I didn’t even know about) and my friend immediately grabbed this opportunity to give me a fantastic 50th birthday gift!

West Coast Distillers is situated in an industrial area and doesn’t look like much from the outside … but wow, once you walked in, the gin lounge is just another world!

The premium handcrafted gin, bitters and spirits that are distilled and sold at West Coast Distillers

We loved the interior of West Coast Distillers – tables and chairs are laid out for tasting sessions, there are so many different bottles of gin and other spirits displayed in beautiful cupboards, colourful banners to advertise their gin and a bar area where everything good is happening!

Colourful banner to advertise their handcrafted gin
Our tasting table – let the fun begin!

Much to our surprise, we were each handed a welcome drink – a lovely decorated handcrafted gin, named Summer Cup (perfect for a hot summers’ day and oh, so refreshing)!

Welcoming drink

Except for the 6 glasses on the table, there were three bottles of bitters and a few cans of mix to add to the different gins. The most colourful ingredients however, were the garnish we could add to our different gins – dried orange slices, dried strawberry, lemon peels and different herbs (mint, rosemary and thyme).

Garnish for our gin tasting session

The host at West Coast Distillers treated us with stories about how each gin was crafted and what is best to drink with it. She filled our glasses with the different types of gin and then we could add the different flavours and garnish.

One of the unique bitters (Rooibos) that compliments the gin

Here follow a series of photo’s of the 6 different gins (and vodka) we tasted – I love the names that were chosen for these drinks!

Atlantic Inspired Classic (Caspyn West Coast Dry)
Potion to Perfection (Belladona Nightshade)
No Fuss no Frills (No Frills Gin)
Liquid Sunshine (Weskus Summer Cup) – my favourite

We had such an enjoyable time at West Coast Distillers – looking at our (almost) empty glasses, it was a great gin tasting session!

Gin & Vodka tasting done and dusted

Towards the end of our tasting session, the two Master Distillers of West Coast Distillers walked in (with an adorable dog). Shane and Shaun (yes, we also got confused) are the perfect hosts and we had great chats with them about their love for distilling and creating the perfect gin for gin lovers like us!

This adorable dog was almost as good as the gin!

Thank you to my dear friend for such a treat like this for my 50th birthday! She knows, after all these years, what I like most … a good gin and great company!

Happy (and 50)

And of course, we did not leave West Coast Distillers empty-handed! Between my friend and my husband, I walked away with amazing gifts … it’s good to be 50!

Wonderful gifts

To end it off, here’s a quote from Agatha Christie:

“Suddenly you find, at the age of 50, that a whole new life has opened before you” 😊.


71 thoughts on “GIN TASTING, Langebaan

    1. Thank you Maggie … it seems I’m in good company then! You read me like a book … by walking back home, I could explain to my husband that my red cheeks were all because of the walking (but he knew me all too well 😉).

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  1. Great way to kick off your birthday celebrations. I too like the names, especially Liquid Sunshine. Sounds like exactly what I need right now. I’ve only done a couple of tastings (whisky in Scotland, rum in Siem Reap), but they can be a lot of fun. Good ol’ Agatha – didn’t she have a much younger husband, an archeologist, who found her more interesting the older she got? She was a character! Happy birthday, Corna, once again!

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    1. Thank you Leighton! Yes “Liquid Sunshine” is something we are getting in overload right now … it’s a hot-hot summer! But we’re not complaining, loving every moment! I didn’t know that about Agatha (had to do a short read about her life) and you’re right, her (second) husband was 13 years younger – no wonder she found 50 a great age 😉.

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    1. Baie dankie Tannie Frannie (en ek’s bly om te hoor dis ‘n “goeie tyd” … ek gaan 50 dus met albei hande aangryp)! En bly jy geniet ons blog – mag ons mekaar nog vir lank vermaak met staaltjies en mooi plekke!

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  2. Ag dit lyk tog te heerlik en jy is en lyk pragtig op 50. Ek hou van daardie aanhaling asn die einde! ‘n Nuwe wêreld gaan wraggies vir jou oop op 50. Nou mag en kan jy regtig doen net wat, waar en wanneer jy wil. 😁 Hartlik geluk!

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  3. Wonderlik. Ek is self lief vir ‘n lekker gin. Baie geluk met jou groot mylpaal verjaarsdag. Wat ‘n absolute blessing.
    Ek is kort op jou hakke – nog net 2 weke dan is ek ook al ‘n halfeeu hier. Hiep Hiep.

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes Aiva! I must say, this was a great gift … we really had a fun time! I’m counting especially on your wish of “good things for the years ahead” 😉. Have a great weekend.


  4. Happy 50th birthday young lady! The gin and all of the mixers and garnishments looks very tasty. This was a fun birthday present. I did a wine tasting at a winery on the cape. Not realizing the tasting involved full glasses, I tried (but didn’t finish) six. I’m glad it was the last stop on my tour and the guide was driving.😵🤪😄

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    1. Thank you so much John! It’s only a friend that knows you well, that give such a fun gift 😉. That was our thoughts exactly … we decided after the second glass of gin, we should not finish them, because that would have ment we would had 4 full glasses of gin and two full glasses of vodka in less than two hours – maybe in my much younger days (or not even) … I think I’m getting too old for this 😂.


    1. Thank you so much Carolyn 💌. I do enjoy a glass of gin or wine every now and then … and together with the enjoyable company of friends around a fire, this is a great combination. But not too much … because then I too get a headache 😉.


    1. Baie dankie Aletta! Ja, Toortsie het my toestemming gegee dat wanneer ‘n mens 50 word, mag jy doen net wat, waar en wanneer jy wil … so, 50 klink beslis na ‘n mylpaal 😄! Ek was self verras oor die lekker gin plek – sommer so reg onder ons neus!

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  5. Happy 50th birthday Corna🍾💝Looks like a stunning celebration for a stunning person. I love this quote “Suddenly you find, at the age of 50, that a whole new life has opened before you” Yay to a whole new life and to us ☺️ I’m also a 1972 baby. May your year overflow with blessings in abundance, happy, happy birthday❣️❣️❣️

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    1. Exactly Henrietta … YAY to a whole new life … let’s embrace the beauty of wisdom that comes with age (I’m at least better prepared for the next 10 years than what I was at age 20 – I think 😁). Thank you for your kind wishes, it is much appreciated 💌.

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  6. Oh, Corna, happy birthday!! What a lovely way to celebrate! And how perfect the gin house was so close to home! As for your milestone, I will say that I am a stronger climber now that I am in my 50’s than ever before. I have also become friends with my body, which is new! I believe it’s only a negative if you stop challenging yourself physically and mentally, which obviously you wouldn’t consider! Wishing you a year of smiles & wonder! 🌞

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    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I loved our gin tasting (and yes, even more knowing that it’s just around the corner from our home 😉). It’s great to read the wonderful wisdom of you and other bloggers that already turned 50 … it seems I’m in good company! Indeed, there are a few challenges ahead of me this year and I can’t wait to grab these with both hands! Thanks for your lovely wishes 🌸.

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  7. Happy 50th! My eldest granddaughter was born at 9:03am on my 50th, making me an instant grandpa. This is the best time of one’s life; I say that after another ten years went by.

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    1. Thank you! What a wonderful gift you received on your 50th 😁. Well, it seems I find myself in good company … if you still find it the “best time of your life” 10 years later, I have nothing to fear!


      1. I can assure you, the challenges came. 31 Dec 2018, I prayed to God to just take me Home, because of what that horrid pump in my chest was doing. The pain was much worse than sciatic nerve pain and it came in four waves, lasting about an hour. That was followed by another four strokes and very bad side effects, yet seems to be fading somewhat now. Still very far from who I used to be. The guy in the mirror looks somewhat familiar, that’s all.

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      2. Oh yes, I’m well aware of the challenges in life! I used to worked at Mediclinic Panorama in the Client Service department and was the coordinator for the Healing Hearts support group for heart patients – I was always stunned by the determination of these patients to live their lives to the fullest again after they almost died. I trust you will get better every day – don’t loose hope is what I learned from these guys and be thankful for every day!


      3. I recovered well until The Honourable Idiot intimidated and assaulted me, berated and belittled me for having lost much of my executive functions. I have learned that a Doctorate is not necessarily a sign of intelligence. Common sense is for a small elite group. 😂😂😱

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  8. Firstly, many congratulations on your “milestone” birthday and may you have many more to come, it looks like one heck of a party.

    I do not drink spirits any more but I was rather fond of a gin and tonic in the days when I did. I must say that I can hardly believe the selection available nowadays not to mention the choice of mixers.

    I am so glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

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    1. Thank you Fergy. Yes, this was a great gift from my friend for my birthday … and you’re right, the selection of gin (and vodka) on this day was exceptional. But in the end it was just good fun to have a great time with a longtime friend (the gin was a bonus) 😉.

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