If you follow the coastal road from the Sliema/Valletta direction, it’s quite easy to get to the north of Malta … and that’s where the beautiful village of Mellieha Bay is situated.

This boat in Mellieha Bay will take you to the small island of Comino

There were a few reasons why we’ve chosen to stay here in Mellieha for the duration of our holiday in 2013, namely:

  • Seashell Dive Centre – Berto is a keen scuba diver and this dive centre is literally on the water’s edge and had great diving packages.
  • The largest sandy beach (600m) is here at Mellieha … an absolute bonus in summer time.
  • It was very close to the ferry terminal of Cirkewwa from where we could get easily (in just about 20 minutes) to Malta’s sister island Gozo.
A beautiful view of the ocean from our apartment

We’ve rented a self-catering apartment looking out on Mellieha Bay. It’s a bit out of the main village itself, but we prefer it that way (not being too much part of the hustle and bustle of everyday life). Instead, we had a small local shop close by (but with all the necessities) and a couple of no-frill café’s and restaurants. We never really went out for meals, but would visit Maya Beach quite often for a few drinks after a diving excursion or while watching the sun set.

Our view from Maya Beach …
… and our drinks at Maya Beach. Berto preferred the local beer, Cisk while I’ve enjoyed the ciders (particularly Woodpecker)

Our accommodation, booked through Holiday Lets MaltaGozo, was super nice! The self-catering apartment was on the beach front and on the third floor … which meant we had an incredible view. I mean … we could easily just stay right there for our entire holiday!

The calm bay of Mellieha

We’ve visited the village of Mellieha a couple of times – to pick up our rental car and just strolling through the streets. The main street is consisting of shops and restaurants and it’s quite a bustling community.

The town itself was founded in the 15th century and its pride is the parish Church of Our Lady of Victory which is high on the ridge.

The Church of Our Lady of Victory high on the hill of Mellieha

Now, remember that I’ve mentioned that Malta’s biggest sandy beach is in Mellieha? Well, what a wonderful place to be close by in the heat of summer!

The popular beach at Mellieha Bay
We’ve taken many strolls on the sandy beach

From our apartment’s balcony we could see boats going in and out of the bay, as well as some water fanatics doing some sort of water-sport … definitely the place to be if you prefer sun, sand and sea!

As mentioned earlier in the post, we just loved our balcony! It’s great to have a sit-down meal in a restaurant every now and then, but since we like to prepare our own food (and with such a splendid view), we’d much rather spent our time, after a busy day of exploring, in our apartment.

Enjoying a glass of the local wine on our balcony
Chicken kebab and salad … voila, a healthy plate of food
While eating on the balcony, we had this wonderful sunset …
… and spectacular sunrises every morning

With Seashell Dive Centre a stone’s throw away from our apartment, we visited them almost every second day for a dive excursion. During this time, while Berto was diving, I had long walks on the beach and just enjoyed the Mediterranean sun.

Berto leaving with Seashell Dive Centre on one of his many dives (the Mellieha Bay Hotel is in the background)

It was while enjoying one of my walks on the beach, that I’ve noticed a prominent building on the high ground beyond Mellieha Bay. I’ve told Berto about this and we’ve decided to investigate this one afternoon.

The Knight’s Red Tower fortification

The Red Tower is one of seven watch towers built in 1649 by Grand Master Lascaris to protect the bay below.

The Red Tower

It is said that it was painted red in order to be more visible to the other guard posts in the surrounding area. Leading to the name of Red Tower which is used instead of its official name of Fort St Agatha.

Walking through narrow alleys inside The Tower

There are splendid views at the top towards the north west (seeing neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino) as well as the channel that separates them from Malta.

Looking towards Mellieha Bay
Standing on top of The Tower
The small island of Comino can be seen in the distance

We were very happy with our stay in Mellieha – it was the perfect place to escape from the busy streets of Malta.

The waters of Mellieha Bay

Our accommodation was a real treat and we’ve enjoyed our time here! That balcony gave us so many wonderful evenings and great memories!

Our last evening at Mellieha Bay

In our next post, we will still be close to Mellieha Bay. But this time we will take you to Anchor Bay where we’ve found Popeye Village … yes, the film set of the 1980 film Popeye. It promises to be fun and a real treat – see you there!

We have done these trips in 2011 & 2013

47 thoughts on “MALTA (9)

  1. Wat ‘n ongelooflike plek! Jou foto’s is stunning! Ek wil ook daarheen gaan! So jammer ek kom net nie by die blog lesery uit nie. Antwword meestal sommer gou op my selfoon, doen ‘n paar blogs en dan weer te besig om ander blogs te lees!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you do get the opportunity to visit Malta – we’ve really enjoyed our time there … and when you do (and you like a glass of wine), try their local wine!
      Thanks for reading and your great comment – much appreciated!


    1. 😄 I’m glad you like our posts about Malta! We were there (both times) in June for three weeks. The high summer/holiday season is July and August, but we’ve tried to escape most of the crowds (which we did) and had lovely sunny weather (between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius).
      Thank you so much for reading about Malta on our blog – it was great to read your comments!


    1. Absolutely! And I remember it wasn’t that expensive … obviously it would be more pricey when you get closer to Valletta (or the other tourist spots like Sliema and St Julian). It’s sometimes worth going just a little further … 😉.

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  2. I have never visited malta before. That’s why I enjoyed reading your impressions and looking at the beautiful, atmospheric photos.
    This information is really great. In this way, planning for a vacation can be well prepared.
    The photo of the wine on the balcony was very cool. I liked the optical illusion created by the curved beams. I like the atmospheric photos of your last evening, the two glasses of fine wine and the plate with the appetizing chicken kebab.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rosie, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed our Mellieha post and photo’s. I sure hope you will be planning a visit to Malta somewhere in the future (whenever it’s allowed again) … because it’s not that far for you to travel!
      Right now, I have no doubt that I will enjoy THAT glass of wine on THAT balcony!
      Thank you for reading and take care (and enjoy your beautiful Rhine-Highlands) 🌸. Groete (Greetings), Corna.

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  3. The views from your apartment balcony are gorgeous – I can see why you chose to stay there 🙂 We prefer to eat out on holiday (a break from cooking at home) but I do understand the attraction of doing things your way too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, those views … loved it! Don’t get me wrong – we do eat out when on holiday (it’s really nice to just sit down and be served for a change 😊), but specifically here in Mellieha, it was just amazing to sit on that balcony while having dinner (and to have a glass of wine).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you so much Morag. Malta is such an enjoyable Mediterranean island … and more so during their summer time – I hope Derek is seeing the opportunity of a holiday in Malta 😉 (once we’re allowed to travel again of course).


      1. It used to be available in the UK. My mates and I used to smuggle a bottle into school occasionally for when we cheated in cross country running and scampered off to the local woods with the cider and a couple of cigarettes feeling incredible naughty! Happy days!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Mellieha Bay. I get what you mean about how sometimes it’s nice to just prepare you own food and eat at your accommodations, especially when you have such gorgeous views from your balcony!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a fabulous time indeed – wish I could go back right now … it’s winter here in South Africa at the moment and way too cold for my liking! See, I knew people would understand why we’ve had dinner at our own apartment … that view ☺️!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Another great post, Corna.

    I never managed to find this place although I wish I had done so, it looks beautiful.

    I visited in Malta so diving would have been a no-go but it would be great that time of year. I know there are many (too many) WW2 wrecks off Malta which are well worth diving. I’ll be honest, in that flat, I would have been tempted to sit out on that balcony all day with a good book and do nothing else. Cooking in that environment would have been a joy and so simple as salads and simple grilled meats are all that is required as you have shown.

    I doubt if I shall be able to fly overseas again but if I ever do get a chance to get back to Malta (as Sarah mentioned, there is a VT meet in 20203, you two might want to think about it) I might certainly send a few days there. I can actually make Malta by land / sea without flying so all I have to do now is recover some semblance of fitness. In truth, if I can get fit again, there are loads of places I can go without flying. I actually had a pipedream once (not feasible now obviously) to go from London to Singapore without using a ‘plane!

    I am loving this series, you write brilliantly despite you being apologetic for your English sometimes. Your English is excellent, although I know it is not your first language. I wish I could speak a second language as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ve loved our time in Mellieha … away from the crowds, but still in a magnificent place! I was quite happy to sit there on the balcony while Berto was exploring some wrecks – and every now and then at one of the beach bars while enjoying a cider 😉.
      Yes, I now that Sarah mentioned the possibility of having a VT meeting in Malta … it would be great to visit again after 10 years! How amazing would that trip be from London to Singapore without using a plane – yeah, things have changed now … unfortunately.
      Thanks for the compliment on my English – it’s one thing to write it … you must hear me speak it 😅 … but I’m sure you’ll understand me with my Afrikaans accent (like I will hopefully understand you with your – hmm, is it Irish accent?)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew Berto would have been wreck diving, there are apparently some great ones, a legacy of the Second World War mostly. Malta is so much at the centre, geographically and in many other ways, that it is vitally strategic and has been fought over for millennia. If you control Malta, you basically control the Med.

        As for the VT meet, yes, it is still on the cards but who knows what will happen between now and then. Because of my medical problems I doubt I shall ever be able to fly again but I can make Malta by land and sea which, apart from being my only option, might be quite a fun trip.

        I was just thinking that if you and Berto were so minded, you could get there without flying as well. I know it would be a Hell of a journey but it might be fun.

        I’ll bet I understand you perfectly, Afrikaans accent or no. I have known enough descendants of voertrekkers not to! My accent is not Irish as you might think, as in films where most actors have a softened Dublin accent, it is pure hard Belfast and has not changed in over 30 years living in London! I reckon you would have more difficulty understanding me than I would understanding you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, there are indeed plenty of wrecks – Berto didn’t even dived half of them while we’ve been in Malta!
        You know, I remember when we were stranded in Egypt last year with the virus outbreak, there were a couple of Brits on the live aboard with us and while we were trying our outmost to get a plane out of Egypt back to SA, the Brits suggested we should just take the train … like they’ve said “well, you are on the same continent and there surely must be a train from Egypt to South Africa”. We had a good laugh, I don’t even think the train tracks leave Egypt 😅! To be honest, it will indeed be a challenge to get to Malta without using a plane!
        Belfast accent … ok, I’ve heard it before … and yes, I think we’ll definitely find it hard to understand you!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No, there are no trains from Cairo to Jo’burg now, 100 years ago you could do it but not now.

        You can get to about Mali I think (I have not checked recently) and then it is an overland most of the way. If you want a proper adventure you might think of an overlander.

        They are basically converted trucks and you carry all your own kit like tents etc. A mate of mine drove one from Nairobi to Jo’burg and back a few times in the early 90’s. I think that you and Berto might like it although the passengers are all young backpackers

        You basically get on the road,live in tents at night, buy your food with money from the “food kitty” and I am sure Berto would be a star in the “kitchen”. I won’t send any links as they will all be British based and I do not know how things are with the virus but just Google “overland London RSA and you’ll find ideas. Most of them will be going through Gibraltar (a brilliant place to stay, I played there years ago) / Morocco so coming from Malta you may have to head a bit West to pick up the truck but I believe Tunisia is good to visit (depending on the current political situation). Just an idea for you and I have just had another one.

        This has literally just come into my head. I don’t know if you are both working full-time now or how the virus is affecting you but why not start a travel company. I know that sounds weird just now but it will pick up again. You both obviously have a great knowledge of your country and people will pay for that. Just a thought.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. We were actually looking at an overlander trip three years ago (when we’ve quit our jobs) … but then other things got on our way. So, we know a little bit about this adventure – and always something to keep in mind. As for the travel company – the virus has literally killed these companies … but that was also a thought. We’ll see how things plays out.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I know the virus has killed off travel everywhere. My dear friend Treshi from Sri Lanka (the one I stay with when I go there) was in the travel industry at the higher end, personal tours, drivers etc. and she was put out of eork 18 monhs ago by the virus and has had no job since. The travel industry is completely wrecked at present although it seems to be recovering slightly in Europe.

        As for your potential overland, why not do it yourself? 30 years ago my mate Gary packed up his job, bought an old Bedford truck and re-fitted it and he and his two Australian and one Kiwi mate drove it from London to Kathmandu, that is a real trip.

        I know Berto has the skills to manage such a trip and you are certainly resilient enough to do it. Just think what blog series that would make not to mention the trip itself. Just imagine being able to say to people you had driven the length of a continent as huge as Africa! Definitely something to thing about.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I feel sorry for Treshi (from reading your posts, it feels as if I know her personally – a woman with a soft and caring heart) … I hope things will turn for her again! We thought about driving from Cape Town to Cairo ourselves – but it was pre-virus … who knows what the future holds for us!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Who knows indeed.

        Treshi, you would love her, I swear you two would be best friends in a day. She is having a really rough time now, no such thing as social security in SL. If you do not work, you have no income.

        Yes, she is a woman with a heart big enough for ten people and is another one of my small group of guardian angels like Sarah, people (usuallly females) who have saved me from myself. As I believe I said in a recent post, I rarely forgive and I never forget.

        I owe Treshi more than you can imagine and more than I can ever repay. It is just such a shame I’ll probably never be able to see her again.

        Liked by 1 person

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