Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park (“De Hoop” campsite)

Today will be a lazy one … we will stay one more night here at De Hoop camp site, before we move on tomorrow. We therefore don’t have to pack up and can just relax next to the river – awesome!

And what a glorious sunny day … that turned out to be quite a hot afternoon.

Early morning at our camp site
The Orange River is flowing quietly pass our camp site

It was breathtaking to see how the colours on the mountains changes as the sun rises. One could literally just sit here for the day and watches as nature is displaying its own movie!

With sunrise, the mountain closest to our tents, display its true beauty

Carel and Estelle were quite busy in their kitchen before our trip – they baked delicious rusks back home – which meant we had a few steamy cups of coffee (and tea) with homemade rusks for breakfast!

Coffee & homemade rusks for breakfast on the bank of the Orange River (Credit: Fiela Basson)
Even the birds had their own little table with rusk crumbs (Credit: Fiela Basson)

We’ve enjoyed most of the morning by just sitting next to the river and chatting about how blessed we were to be on this trip in such a beautiful part of our country.

Since it was a really pleasant day, the men took out their fly-fishing rods to see whether they will have any success in catching a fish. Fiela later joined them – probably just to get into the water 😃. Estelle kept me company, while I’ve done some washing of our clothes.

No-one caught any fish, but that only made us hungry! Berto prepared a mouthwatering chicken liver dish on the gas cooker. It was almost not necessary to wash the pan, since we’ve cleaned the pan with bread, soaking up the last bit of sauce that was left over.

It was time for brunch – mouthwatering chicken livers!

After the morning’s exercise (fly-fishing) and eating delicious food, we had to rest a bit – that is what a break away is all about! Some went to lay down for a while and others read a book or just relaxing in their chairs next to the river.

Late afternoon, we all got a bit hot from the sun and decided to walk through the river to the island in the middle – the water was quite shallow there. On the other side of the island, where the water was much deeper, some enjoyed a swim or just lay down in the cool water – what a relaxing afternoon!

Time to return back to camp after cooling down in the river

Berto prepared a delicious sauce in which we’ve marinate chicken pieces – tonight we are having chicken over the coals! Me and Fiela prepared sandwiches filled with onion, tomato and cheese to also find their way to the fire (known as your typical South African “braaibroodjie” … it could be translated as a “South African grilled sandwich”).

Carel and Berto discussing tomorrow’s route as displayed on an app on Carel’s phone
Relaxing next to the fire after sunset – look at those huge pieces of wood … we could have a fire all night long! (Credit: Carel Wiggett)

It was such a nice day of doing … nothing! But we’ve felt recharged by nature’s energy and ready to pack up tomorrow to see more of this beautiful park.

Our last night at De Hoop – what a pleasant experience! (Credit: Fiela Basson)

Just a side note (and fact):

There are definitely scorpions in the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park … we found one yesterday when we’ve lifted a rock close to our camp side … but we did not bother him further and he did not bother us. Yikes 😬

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