EGYPT (Part 1)

MARCH 2020

We are going to Egypt!

When a VERY special birthday was coming up (Berto’s 50th ), it was time to take out our bucket list!

Since I can remember, Berto always wanted to dive in Egypt … and more specifically, in the Red Sea on the wreck of the Thistlegorm (more about this wreck in later posts).

Well, since he is turning 50 this year, we thought a trip to Egypt was a great idea to celebrate this milestone.

Now … to accommodate both of us, required some planning … see, I’m no diver … but not to worry, we had it all covered!

We would spent one week on the M/Y Blue Adventurer (liveaboard holiday on the Red Sea) where Berto could dive on some of the world’s most famous wrecks … and I could enjoy the sun on the deck (while hoping for no rough seas for my ever-present seasickness)!

Egypt (1)

Liveaboard Holiday onboard the M/Y Blue Adventurer

The other week (more specifically for me), we would visit the Valley of the Kings (where Tutankhamun is buried) and of course the famous Egyptian pyramids.

The Valley of the Kings (near Luxor) and the famous Egyptian pyramids

We already booked our tickets in November last year and it was the first time that we would fly with Egypt Air.

Over the next three months, Berto made sure that his diving equipment was in good condition and that he had all the gadgets he could possibly need for his underwater camera. Me, on the other hand, made sure my clothes were appropriate for the Egyptian culture and that there was enough sunblock in my suitcase for the fierce North African sun – easy packing 😁.

Berto always travel with his own diving gear (except for his cylinder and weights) – it was therefore quite a challenge to stay within the baggage allowance with diving gear, lots of camera equipment as well as some clothes! But in the end, we managed (with a few grams to spare)!

Our bags were packed and we were ready for our trip to Egypt!

Egypt (4)

Diving gear and (half) of the camera equipment … the other half was part of my hand luggage 😊

Egypt (5)

Our clothes fitted in one suitcase: Boat-, beach- and fancy wear …

We were really looking forward to this trip – on our bucket list:

  • Dive the wrecks in the Red Sea
  • Visit the Valley of the Kings
  • Stand in front of the ancient Egyptian pyramids

When we boarded Egypt Air on the 11th of March at Johannesburg International Airport, we heard for a brief moment that there were 2 cases of Covid-19 in South Africa … we did not even think twice that this will have an effect on our trip …

To read the next post about our Egypt trip, click here


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    1. We will have to go back … our trip only lasted a long weekend before we had to leave the country due to the outbreak of Covid-19 … we still need to see Luxor and the pyramids – hopefully that will be possible in the not too far distance 🤔

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