We love the beach – that’s why we have a house back in South Africa which is walking distance from the beach – and we were very happy when we found a place to stay here in New Zealand that was so close to the beach.


Just a short walk from our flat in Whangaparaoa … and you could see the ocean

During the time we visited New Zealand, we almost walked twice a week down to the beach. When we got to the beach, we would take off our shoes and walk in the cold water … later we would walk up to the wooden benches to dry and enjoy the sunshine.


A beautiful beach (Shakespear Regional Park is just a few minutes from here)

Close to the beach, was a small café that sell fresh fried fish and chips … which was great, because we could buy a small “parcel” and take it down to the beach to enjoy there!


The best way to enjoy fish & chips … is next to the ocean of course!

And as we, by now, got used to … there were great walkways close to the beaches. It was always a surprise to see where these walkways would take us.


If it was high tide, we would take the walkways on the cliffs along the ocean


Another beach close to our home … oh, if only we had our kayaks here … 😉

We also visited Orewa often – it’s about 10km from where we stayed. This is a popular holiday destination with 3km of heavenly beach. There are nice restaurants and café’s on the main road … with the beach just on the other side.

We also visited the Saturday morning farmers’ market often – really a nice place to enjoy some lazy hours. Once, we and our friends went on a Sunday to have lunch at the Surf Lifesaving Club – good food which are literally served on the beach!


More than enough beach here at Orewa


Stunning view from the Surf Lifesaving Club where we had lunch

The best though, of all these beaches, were the many sundowners we enjoyed with Werner and Pearl at Tindalls beach – a stone’s throw away from our house.


Big trees on Tindalls Beach – Pearl, Werner and Berto are testing the water

We would sometimes go for long strolls on the beach (and a couple of times Hudson, their dog, would joined us). Other times, we would just sit on the beach and enjoy a sundowner while the sun is setting in the ocean.


We would sometimes walk as far as possible … just to be back before high tide!


Hudson loved the beach trips 🐶

Stunning sunsets at Tindalls Beach

We had wonderful times here with our friends – a visit to Tindalls Beach was definitely “feel good moments” and we will be taking many memories of these evenings with us back to South Africa!


A spectacular array of colours at Tindalls beach

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