1. The standard of the albrgues seems to be consistently good, this looks like another beauty


    • Yes, we could not complain about any of the albergues on our way … at the end of each day we were just so glad to have a clean bed to rest! Some of them have really huge dorms (30 beds in one room) and for some pilgrims this is a bit scary and they would therefor choose a hotel … but that never bothered us.


      • I have spent a lifetime living in communal accommodation one way and another. In 2017 I went to see a friend in Holland and had packed for four days in a hotel in a tiny carry-on rollalong.

        I came back three months and eight countries later and stayed most of my time in Youth Hostels, although I suppose I should no longer call them that, the “grey brigade” are taking over. I love them.

        There is something magic about sitting in a hostel common room, playing the guitar, having a beer and chatting with people that are young enough to be your grandchildren (I was 57 then). It would certainly dispel a lot of retired people’s myths about “the youth of today”.

        If you get really bored, you might want to have a look, it is the ultimate in “flying by the seat of your pants” travel. That is why I was in Luxembourg when the boots died!



      • Yes, all those times in the communal area in a hostel or albegue are wonderful memories. I’ve already read your first post on your European trip … looking forward spending more time there!


      • Thank you so much but I warn you it goes on a bit. The whole thing gets a bit out of control after about five days but it was one of my most enjoyable trips ever.


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