Cape Town Atlantic Ocean & Whales

While we are preparing for our next adventure commencing soon, we would love to take you to more of the beautiful places in and around Cape Town … trips we’ve enjoyed in the past.

One of these trips, were a boat cruise on a lovely Sunday during September 2017.

Boat cruises from the well-known Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town is extremely popular.

Our catamaran at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town

On this Sunday, while taking a stroll through the beautiful Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, we heard there might be some whales close to the coast of Cape Town. We decided there and then to take a boat cruise in the hope to spot some of the ocean’s big mammals.

Almost as spectacular as the sighting of whales, is the majestic Table Mountain. During our cruise, this mountain was constantly in our sight.

The perfect background
One of the most spectacular mountains in the world
Lion’s Head on the left and the Cape Town Stadium in the centre (where the Soccer World Cup hosted a few games in 2010)
The Atlantic Ocean
Enjoying a drink on our cruise

As soon as we reached the open sea, our captain slowed down and pointed to the front of the catamaran … it was probably only two or three whales and they were not clearly visible, but we were close enough to them to see white splashes (that’s how they breath, by forcefully expel air through the blowhole).

Our first sighting of the whales
The white splash from the whale’s breathing can clearly be seen

Besides, that we could see the whales, we could also hear them. They were so close to the catamaran and did not really move away. We had plenty of opportunities to take photo’s and just enjoy the spectacle.

It was a real privilege to see these animals in their natural habitat
They were in such a playful mood and stayed close to the catamaran

We stayed in the same place for over 30 minutes and really enjoyed this ‘show’. Our captain then turned our catamaran around and we slowly sailed back to port.

Capturing two of my favourite ‘things’ in one photo … 😉
We had a great view of Table Mountain on our way back
Arriving back in the harbour at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

This was such a wonderful experience and we hope that, if you ever visit Cape Town (or close-by Hermanus) during July to November, that you will also have the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures.


55 thoughts on “A SUNDAY CRUISE (Cape Town)

    1. Ah Anita, I’m so glad you could enjoy Table Mountain too! I hope you get another opportunity to visit Cape Town … and then you must make sure not to miss the cruise (even if there are no whales, it’s still a wonderful thing to do)!


  1. What a beautiful way to view Table Mountain from the water and an opportunity for some whale watching. I would love to visit Cape Town, explore the Victoria and Alfred waterfront, enjoy the South African sunshine and Table Mountain, The photos of you both are really nice and you look so relaxed sitting out on the catamaran with your drinks. Marion

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    1. Marion, I think you would love to explore the city of Cape Town – it’s such a vibrant and colourful city! So much to do and see … sea, mountains, wine farms (and great gin tasting bars 😉). Thank you for your lovely comments, as always, it’s much appreciated. Take care, Corna.

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  2. For sure if I ever visit Cape Town I will do such a cruise – I always like to get out on the water and I love to go whale-watching! So glad you got to see some, it’s not always guaranteed 😆

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  3. Ah Corna, what a lovely post. Nice to see clear shots of you and Berto. And what pristine views from the boat. The mountain…. the sky…. and spotting whale activity, that is something still on our infinite list of bucket.

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    1. Normally you see Berto’s back and my feet on our hiking posts … I thought it’s time to show y’all how we look when we’re actually relaxed 😅. This was a great day – one we hope to repeat again. Thanks for reading … and hope you get this one soon on your list!

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    1. It was a wonderful spring day (well, actually any day the wind is not blowing in Cape Town, is a wonderful day). Yeah, I don’t think Berto will appreciate it to hear I’m calling him a ‘thing’ … but it’s meant in the most loving way 😄. I do hope you get another opportunity to visit Cape Town – and that the weather will be great for a boat cruise (there are many wonderful options, like enjoying dinner while taking a cruise in the harbour)!


  4. Ahhh, these creatures are magical aren’t they? I haven’t managed to see the animals themselves, but I’ll never forget standing on the coast of Big Sur, California, jumping up and down in delight while watching spray after spray as they migrated South. Thank you for this wonderful tour of Cape Town. Please add it to the list of things to do when I come visit you. 😁🌞😁

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  5. It is almost unbelievable how many whales we have encountered on the supposed “Atlantic Seaboard” between Granger Bay and Queen’s Beach since 2008. Bryde, Southern Right, Humpback, Orca, sometimes well over a thousand dolphins…..and nobody seems to notice. Not even when a dozen or so whales have a mating party within plain sight. Our whales don’t use Google Calendar, either. In January 2016, we counted 22 at Queen’s Beach, opposite the old aquarium.

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    1. We’ve never seen so many marine mammals together – would love to! I just heard on our camping trip to Elands Bay that the locals spotted whales near the coast (and that was in December) … so, you’re right about them not using Google Calendar 😉.


      1. One day, coming over Suikerbossie from Hout Bay, we counted 23 at Llandudno. We are spoilt, as we don’t have to venture far. I found a sun fish and a Humpback well into Table Bay Harbour a few years ago. At St James, on those yellow rocks on the Kalk Bay side, you can see whales coming close as the water is fairly deep. The vertical submarine cliff face also helps. We lived on Walker Bay before, but I am sure we have many more whales right here in Cape Town. Thing is that people generally don’t observe as their eyes are untrained, they also play on their phones and won’t see a thing.

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