Photo Challenge – Week 3

Thank you very much to Nilla (Image Earth Travel) for setting up a new photo challenge … this time, it’s a Weekly Photo Challenge for one month.

Feel free to join in this photo challenge (everyone’s welcome). Show me your best photos, but let’s make this tricky to guess where the photos are taken.

If you participate in this photo challenge, this is what you need to do:

  • Post one of your favourite photos each week for a month (and it does not matter if you go into September).
  • The photo can be from any time and anywhere, so start sifting through those old memories and photo albums.
  • Post the photo without any explanation and ask your readers where they think the photo was taken for a little guessing fun.
  • Nominate someone each Sunday. Today, we nominate Marion (Little Miss Traveller, Love Travelling Blog) for this challenge – Marion’s blog is like a travel library and guide book all in one! She’s been to so many places and her photo’s are beautiful (even when it’s raining … and that speaks for itself)! Marion, I’m not sure whether you’re into these challenges … but if you do, you can post wherever you wish although please link to us, so we know you accepted the #photochallenge. If you are not interested, then that is also cool and feel free to share this challenge.

I suppose our third photo challenge can be anywhere in the world 😁 … but if you look closely, you’ll find a clue in the background (and if you put that and the water together, you might just figure out where it is) …

Photo Challenge – Week 3
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  1. I have no idea but enjoyed this moody shot.

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  2. Well the background is desert. My guess is a Nile cruise?

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    • I’m running out of gift ideas for you … you clever lady 👏👏! Well, to be honest – it’s not a Nile cruise (but that was on the agenda before Covid forced us to cut this trip short last year) … but hey, you’re close enough!
      This photo was indeed taken in Egypt … while we were sailing on the Red Sea with the desert in the background. We were on a scuba diving yacht and here we’ve just arrived at the Ras Mohammed National Park close to Sharm El Sheikh.
      Cheers … with another (virtual) bottle of South African sparkling grape juice 🥂.

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      • Funny…after I posted that guess I remembered that Berto is a diver and I was going to come back with the Red Sea as a guess…I remember that there was a “diving school” in Sudan. I had no idea back then the story behind it!

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  3. I wanted to guess Egypt too! Great photo!

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  4. Nice capture. We were planning on going to Egypt back in 2020 prior to when COVID was declared a pandemic. We were hoping to stay on a liveaboard and do some diving in the Red Sea.

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    • Thank you. We were (supposed) to stay for a week on the liveaboard, but after only 4 days we had to pack up and leave the country due to Covid … it was such a shame, because we’ve planned to see so much more (like the Pyramids 😌) … but hey, we’ll hope for another opportunity one day. And do hope you will find your way to the Red Sea as well.

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  5. I was about to say this is a Nile cruise, but then I was cheating, and read all the comments🙂 Still, close enough LOL
    Nice shot!!

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  6. Hello, I am sorry to missed the photo nomination, thank you for including me. I saw it briefly and meant to respond to let you know that I can’t do it but then I got totally carried away with life last week. One of the things being my cat that got sick and wasn’t eating 😢 and then also my course. Take care 🤗🌷

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  7. Looks like Egypt although I haven’t been there since 1985!

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  8. Hi, Corna, how nice that you guys seize so many opportunities to explore the world around you! Hope your weekend is filled with fun! I miss seeing a post from you this week! 🌞

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    • Hi Lisa, yes, you are absolutely right … we love to see new places (well, currently the “new places” are close to home … but that’s fine, South Africa is a big country and there is so much we have not seen yet😉). Thanks, we’ve had a weekend full of visits from friends we haven’t seen in a while – it’s always great! And we are also preparing for a 5-day hike in the mountains early next week … so, we are planning the route and what we should put in our backpacks! I hope to be back with some new posts when we return from our hiking trip! Wishing you a great weekend too.

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